August 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters



Statement of Purpose

We demand:

1. A basic right of public transportation to all the Residents of Huron Road Community between Newcastle Drive and Woodbine Avenue – RED ARROW AREA

2. Weekend access to the transportation to the same area - RED ARROW AREA

3. Bus service directly to the Conestoga College

Supporting Detail:

1.    Today, the only single point that emerges as the Most IMP for Huron residents is the transportation issue on Huron road.  In the past few years, the Huron road community has developed a lot between the  Parkvale drive and the Woodbine Avenue. See the MAP Red Yellow circled area. There are hundreds of new houses already built on both sides of Huron road. It is completely full now with many new houses are being built in the back

2.    There are several students living in this area. They are studying at Conestoga college

3.    There are many citizens in this area who must go to work over the weekends with absolutely no bus service available for them in the area

4.    All residents of this area must need to carry their groceries or household items for 1 to 2 KMs. Most of them totally rely on public transportation

5.    When City / Region plans the development and give permits for new construction, they must consider the common need of the new residents including PUBLIC TRANSPOTATION

6.    The GRT does NOT need to start a new route. They can do some modifications to the current route (no. 33 or 16) to provide the GRT access to the thousands of new residents of the city on this Huron area

7.    For example, the bus on route 33 can be operated alternatively on Parkdale DR and on Huron Road - see the red arrow.  Also, the route 16 can be extended to Huron up to Fischer Hallman




Form for Signatures:

Please sign the form for Signature to present it to the Authorities

Future Actions:

1.   Road Signs and Lawn Signs to get maximum Support for the Campaign

2.   Phone Calling to the members of the Community to sign the petition requesting them to show their support

3.   Flyers to the community members

4.   Door to Door visit to all the members of the community

5.   Contact the City and Region Council Candidates for their support. The community should vote only to the members who promise to solve out basic transportation issues. Remember the Election Day is October 24 2022 Monday

6.   Hunger protest to draw the attention of the authorities

7.   Email campaign to the current councilors, member of the regional council, and the Transportation Manager

8.     Many more in the pipeline until the issues are solved

Support now
Signatures: 360Next Goal: 500
Support now