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Stop the Life Threatening Cuts to Huron County EMS

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Today is a sad day in Huron County! County Council just voted to eliminate the Advance Care Paramedic service immediately! Advanced Care Paramedics provided a service that I believe to be immeasurable. Whether it be removing an object from a child's throat who is choking, an elderly citizen who is in extreme pain that can receive morphine or in the extreme situations perform procedures that can stabilize a patient to increase their odds of making it to a hospital and ultimately survival.

Today at council, councillors gave $500 000 to a program at a local hospital that under half of the patients are from Huron county. They gave another half a million to an arts program in the county. They stated that eliminating the program immediately would cost the county $600 000 which would save them just over a million if it was eliminated through attrition. That's $600 000 straight from the county this year. The cost to remain status quo would have been $90 000 this year and for the years to come! So the 600 000 could have paid for six years of the services. How many lives could this have effected over the years that now have a price tag. They all talked about moving forward in the county with health care, economics and throughout the county but yet some of them voted to take a huge step backwards in our emergency medical care! Emergency medical care is an evidence based profession and is constantly growing and changing to better patient outcomes. Huron county has greatly limited the services the citizens may receive in the future.

I urge you to SIGN this petition and SHARE this petion far and wide. Also you can call or write your councillor if you have a concern about this issue. It was a recorded vote at council. Go here to view when it is posted:

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