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make hyunkyung sing seonggongramyeon

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The song "Stay with me" by ROMEO moved many people and changed their life. Fans, so called JULIETS, have been listening to this song 24 hours a day since it came out. After they had been disappointed by ROMEO's grammar skills ("stay, stay me"), they were sure there has to be a hidden message in the song.

On Twitter, JULIETs started to gather, saying they all had the same theory- it has to be a song about noodles- it was "naega seonggongRAMYEON" all along. Now, they are making a petition and sharing the truth. We need Kim Hyunjong (who is one of the members who sings the iconic line) to make a vlive while eating ramen, explaining how it has inspired ROMEO to release a song like "Stay with me" , how the MV and the song go together as one and singing the chorus with "seonggongramyeon" in it.

JULIETs are determined to verify their theory. Sign the petition now and spread awareness.

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