Calling for Change in Hospital policies to allow ALL patients ONE support person

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I am starting this petition, to raise awareness to the inhumane policies that prohibit support persons from accompanying patients in our hospitals. As a registered nurse myself, I know for a fact that family/support systems play a VITAL role in the healing and recovery process. Due to covid 19, people are dying alone. People are hospitalized alone. Patients and families are terrified. I have been burdened by this for months, and am calling on local our local hospitals to change their policies. I understand these are difficult times as we navigate this pandemic, but there has to be a solution. Labor and Delivery patients are allowed one support person(even when they are covid positive). Pediatric patients are allowed one support person(even when covid positive). These support persons are not permitted to leave their rooms for the duration of the stay... if we can allow this, WHY can we not allow the same for ALL... covid and non covid patients. I’m sure each support person would happily comply with all regulations, and there would certainly have to be strict guidelines, but it CAN be done! So why isn’t it? I feel confident, that by allowing a support person, we would see many patients recovery time decrease. It’s time for change!