No clear backpacks in HCS.

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Laura Frame
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In response to an accidental shooting on campus, the superintendent of Huntsville City Schools is recommending implementation of a disctrict wide clear backpack policy. 

This policy will not deter students from bringing banned items to school. They will hide them in books, lunchboxes, rolled up jackets, etc... not to mention keeping such items on their person. This is not a solution, but a bandaid.

A clear backpack policy breaks the right to privacy of students. Students keep changes of clothes, including underwear, in backpacks. They also keep personal hygiene products, money, personal electronics, snacks, etc.. in their backpacks. Clear backpacks can result in increased theft of personal belongings and bullying over hygiene items. 

Another issue with a clear backpack policy is cost. Who will pay for new backpacks? Parents have already purchased backpacks, many which will last for years. In a district with so many families recieving free or reduced lunch, new backpacks are a luxury. Will the district pay? There is already a struggle to get the required surplus in the budget. 


We implore the Superintendent and Board of Huntsville City Schools to reconsider the proposal of a clear backpack policy. Take the time to research other policies that are more effective, such as increased amounts of Student Resource Officers, creation of "bubbles" at entrances to keep out intruders, or even metal detectors.  This is a knee jerk reaction to one incident that will end up being costly and uneffective.