Safe fencing at the Pirate Ship park in Loves Farm, St Neots.

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For a long time now I have had growing concerns about the parks in the area I live, Loves Farm. We are very lucky to have some lovely play areas on the estate, however for many these cannot be fully accessed, due to the fact they have no enclosed fencing (only partial at best). 

My personal story is that I have 2 children, my eldest is 5 1/2, autistic, non-verbal, with absolutely no danger awareness & a tendency to run off in a split second. My youngest is almost 3, and like most almost 3 year olds, will listen only half the time with about the same level of half & half danger awareness! 

Our closest main park on the estate is the pirate ship park. This is also the park I have the biggest issue with, bearing in mind it has lots of thoroughfare, the primary school on its doorstep & one of the main roads in & out of Loves Farm coming right off it. I also feel that this park is one of the more suitable (larger) parks for the younger age group, who tend to be the prime age for lack of danger awareness and running off.

The bridge on this road being very close is also a huge concern, as it would potentially prevent a driver from seeing a small child running on the road from the park area until it was too late. My son has personally ran to the road taking this route & to this day it still haunts me how different the outcome could have been had there been a car coming at the time, as by the time I caught him he was well over the bridge. For this reason we can no longer access our local parks unless my husband & I are both off (rarer than I’d like!), which is a real shame as both of my children love spending time outside & we only have a small garden. 

My proposal is simple, I feel that the parks on Loves Farm, starting with the pirate ship park due to the reasons I have stated above, need to have fully enclosed gated fencing. This park is already partially fenced, therefore it just needs extending to enclose it fully. This will allow many more families to access the park safely & help their children to lead healthy active lifestyles. 

I would hope HDC could assist with the funding required for this, however a group of Loves Farm parents and I are more than happy to fundraise as much as we can if we can cross the red tape in order to make this plan come to fruition. 

I greatly appreciate any support received, if any other Loves Farm parents are interested in joining the cause or wish to share their stories/opinions they are more than welcome.

Please sign & here’s to safe parks in our area!

Katie :-) 

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