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Give Electric Skateboards The Same Rights As Bicyclists

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Roller blades, skates, longboards, skateboards, and scooters all have one thing in common: they are all understood to be allowed anywhere a bicycle is. Paved bike trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, roads, and other areas where bicycles are allowed is all fair game for them.

The same can not be said for electric skateboards, which are becoming more mainstream by the day. There is some confusion about where they are allowed, and if they are considered a motor vehicle. Because personal electric vehicles such as these are not well defined or recognized by the state, rules for them are often up to the discretion and interpretation of those expected to enforce them. So far owners of electric skateboards have enjoyed a golden period in which the lack of definition and market penetration has limited awareness and rule making, allowing enforcement officers to ignore them or take only a passing personal interest in them. As more people engage in electric skateboarding, this will change. In our current moment, electric long boarders do not have any rights, and in the case of accidents will be almost always recognized at fault. The solution is to give electric long boarders the same rights as bicyclists. 

The objective of this petition is to remove any ambiguity regarding electric skateboards and treat personal electric vehicles such as electric skateboards the same as bicycles, allowing them anywhere a bicycle is allowed. Electric skateboards often have the same speed capabilities as bicycles but have a smaller footprint, making them an ideal and environmentally friendly commuter vehicle where paved trails are accessible. Their use as such should be encouraged as we do what we can to reduce our use of fossil fuels and invest in greener alternatives in transportation.

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