Stop printing private addresses in the press

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Printing private addresses in the press has huge ramifications for individuals, their families and the children who live there.

Depending on the circumstances they can be further targeted by the media, vigilantes or other individuals and groups that may seek to cause harm. 

At Families Outside, the only national charity in Scotland to solely support families affected by imprisonment, we support thousands of families whose home addresses are very often printed in the media.

However, by the time the story has been published the actual law breaker has already been found guilty and is now on his/her way to prison to serve their sentence.

Meanwhile the children and families still living in the home address have to suffer hate mail, death threats, arson attempts, graffiti and numerous other anti-social acts aimed at the accused but felt directly by the innocent family.

Families Outside wants to challenge this and to convince the Independent Press Standards Organisation that it is not necessary to publish anyone's private address.

More importantly we want both Westminster and Scottish Government to change legislation so that we can protect vulnerable families and children from further victimisation and we need your support!

Please sign our petition #NoAddressInThePress

This petition has been created by Families Outside with support from The MyTime Project.