Owner Trained Assistance Dog Cole & Loving Boy Toby To Be Killed Help Save My Boy's

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Kimberly Baff
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Thank you all in advance for viewing this page and leaving any comments that you have also thank you for sharing and liking, I need as much help and support as I can get.
This is a petition dedicated to my boy’s in a huge attempt to save their life’s and put a end to all the lies that all have told by a few whilst acting in concert with corrupt police and their partners.
I guess I should really start by telling you a bit about myself my names Kimberly Baff and some of you may remember me from a youtube site I had in 2013 that helped to highlight police abuse in Falkirk upon a disabled girl, that girl was me.
The Sun news papper report by Jim Davis published 07 March 2013 and the Falkirk Hereld Reported
A SHAMED cop is facing the boot after he admitted failing in his duty to protect life by urging a vulnerable woman to kill her own mother.

Anyway that was in 2013 I have to say it took four and a half years for the same police force he worked for to act and actualy get him into court, this was only achieved once we went public on social media.
Since then life has been made very difficult indeed for myself and my carer, and we have been hounded out off address after address attacked and abused by all and now they are putting there focus on my boy’s and plaining on killing them all because we spoke out about child abuse.
Cole and Toby are both rottweilers , cole is three years old and has been fully trained by my carer and life coach, to help assist me with my disability. Cole has helped me more than anyone really knows since cole joined our familly my confidence to leave the house inproved beyond words, as I suffer form high scale panick attacks brought on by stress, I find that I don’t suffer as many in a day as I used to as cole is my best friend, he helps me emotionaly and physically I used to love going shopping with him and him helping me around the shops but due to all the abuse and curruption he can no longer do this.
As for Toby , Toby is two and the start of his life wasn’t that good although his previous owners did there best and really loved Toby. he was mainly and solely a gard dog but with the help of my carer who is one off the best and fastest dog trainer I have ever known and is head hunted by all, nicknamed last chance saloon he has trained hundreeds if not thousands of dogs all over scotland and Ireland. Toby is now a happy playfull and very loving Pet who is extreamly comical and always manages to make me laugh and smile no matter how im feeling and whats going on in my life Toby will always have me smiling.
Ok this is the informattion you all need but you have to know the first part to truly understand why.
We moved to a villige in Aberdeenshier in Febuary and within 48 hours we were under attack from all. Over the months from febuary to november, we have been threatened by letting agents and their fathers neighbours and a man waving hammers, we have been attacked by multiple people and dogs that have all left there marks on my boys and I myself have been threatened that if I did not leave the area then I would be killed along with my dogs. Police have covered over all of this .
Anyway, ill get to the point of the curruption and all the lies that are resulting in my boy’s being killed due to PURE LIES AND FALSE ALLIGATIONS made by a neighbor’s known as ******** and a post-woman known as ***** who are working in with police, local authorities, and letting agents and the letting agents father. These dogs are going to be killed.
Here is a bit of intresting information for you all. Myself and my carer were informed months prior to all these false allegation’s by two men that were friends that this was on the cards for our boy’s and the daughter of the neighbour ******** known as ***** posted on social media on the 20th of August, that the post-woman known as ****** was attacked by Toby. The post shows an injury that no dog in the planet could have done .
But the post-woman claims to all including the police and news papers that she was attacked on the 6th of September three weeks after **** posted the picture but the currupt police have coverd this up not knowing I have all evidence .
On the back off this one lie the council dog warden has placed us under a dog control order and 645 people in the village have singed a pertition, the end game is to kill my boy’s.
I need all of you to help not only to save my boy’s but to put a end to curruption and torture on child abuse victims who speak out. Please I beg of you all help us now time is running out.
Thank You.