Humber Student Refund

Humber Student Refund

August 6, 2019
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Started by Sarah De Donato

On 17 January 2019, we were lucky enough to have Dr Merrilee Fullerton, Ontario's minister of training, colleges and universities, announced a 10% reduction in tuition fees for Canadian students. Unfortunately, Humber College/University of Guelph Humber has decided to try and make that money back by adding never before seen charges to our semester fees:

IGNITE Advocacy & Governance $9.50

Alumni $3.75

IGNITE Financial Support $10.45

IGNITE Future Skills Developmt $8.00

*Compulsory Ancillary Fees $351.18 ($54.59 increase from $296.59 Mandatory Non Tuition Fee)

**Mandatory Student Insurance $118.71 ($31.97 increase from $86.74)

IGNITE Stdt Leadership & Developmt $2.25
IGNITE Social Prog & Engagement $22.00

These numbers add up to $525.84 which is a $66.06 increase PER SEMESTER from last year.

Over the 2018/2019 school year Humber College had 33,000 full time students ( If they have the same enrollment this year they will be making (33,000 x 66.06) $ 2,179,980 a semester and $ 4,359,960 a year off of our backs with these new fees.

The majority of these fees are going to IGNITE. According to official Humber documents ( last year IGNITE spent $11,133,000, which somehow magically aligns with what they said they took in, $11,300,000 (I would personally like to see some receipts). These fees are not a service that every Humber student uses. They should be eligible to opt out at the VERY LEAST.  Have a look for yourself at how carefully Humber finessed the numbers for the info graphic they released.

This tuition cut was supposed to benefit us - students just trying to get an education. This is not meant to be an opportunity for Humber to take advantage of us. Stand with your fellow students and help us put that money back in our pockets where it belongs!

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Signatures: 48Next Goal: 50
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