Close all humber campuses in order to be proactive and prevent the spread of COVID-19

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Up to now, there are a total of 77 confirmed cases in Canada 34 cases in ontario alone. British Columbia has just announced the first COVID-19-related death in the country, along with five new cases of the virus.

We are not calling to stop classes and interrupt our learning process. What we want to do is to minimalize the probability of the outbreak of the COVID-19 on campuses, cancel the ON-CAMPUS classes and consider other solutions ( 

There are amounts of students and teachers, that interact with the public on a daily basis, there are also parts of students and faculty that have to go between different campuses or from home to campus by TTC, which may increase the possibility of contracting COVID-19. We are trying to be proactive with this petition and take preventative measures. Other schools in Ontario have already taken these steps.