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I'm Brazilian, architect, multi-skills and sustainability professional. Above all, I'm passionate by Mother Nature that ultimately brought to go in-depth studying sustainability, and then to practice yoga.

My first meditation practice happened two years ago and was the frame of the transformation in my life and my perception of everything around me. Especially changed my thoughts on what, in fact, means sustainability.

Through meditation, I began to see myself from the perspective of my existence, and constant practice made me truly realize that we are all equal on this planet.

The State of mindfulness increases its power of transformation with time and frees us from judgments, fears, and platitudes.

Today, I assume the power to create my reality and to follow what I believe without fear of taking risks. I realized how life flows and becomes magical when we live without the pursuit of exterior ideas of happiness.

However, your happiness impacts my happiness. We, human beings, are all either connected on this journey. A sustainable planet is the sum of humans being sustainable.

The spotlight of communication channels in negativity and fear is the worst impact on the society´s welfare. Changing the focus of the news for good causes and well-being is essential to reach the pace and the scale required to sustain our species on the planet.

This manifesto is a call to the players who are missing in the emerging sustainability movement to leverage the transformation of a global community. Artists, teachers, social influencers, and mindfulness instructors impact deeply people´s life and behavior. 

How would it be if we work together to spread the message "humans being sustainable"?