My Son Right

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Every child has right and for that right that I have been fighting.
For my son right to be respected, as he is too young to speak up, let alone to defend himself.
I am his voice, I am his father, and that has been ignored, and even some are trying to erase it.
No one has Right to ignore, nor erase the basic fundamental Right of every child, is to know where he can from.
Don't we all say, "better to know where you came from to know where you go"?
Why and how can that apply to an adult but not to a child?
My fight is for my son Right.
He is the greatest gift of my life is my son, the only child I have and for him, I exist.
My son is born, I was born.
I appeal for your good heart with understanding and compassion for the pain and anguish I feel like a father who has been unjustly kept away from my son. I hope that you can find it in your heart to empathize and agree to my request.
The day after my son's birth, I was shockingly denied access to him! I remained in regular communication with my girlfriend, seeking information about him.
I kept requesting access, but she refused. Copies of the messages exchanged, and photographs are in my possession attesting to the nature of the relationship and the sudden change in behavior after the birth of my son.
For the last 25 months, I have spared no effort in trying to locate my son. This has caused mental and emotional anguish over missing him, worrying for his safety, and his well being.
Although I suspected my son could have been adopted, it was not until couple months ago that I obtained confirmation that he was adopted but without my knowledge or consent.
Thru the request of my lawyer, they refused to give me data; now it is a battle that I am taking. I cannot give in until my son has his rights to his father respected.
Everyone is born with a precondition: "DNA," roots, and heritage that should not be disregarded, disrespected, nor ignored.
My goal is to get my son right respected.
I will not stop until my last breath. My son should have his rights respected. I never consented nor agreed for my son to be given away (adopted). I am fighting for him, and I need your help. He will appreciate it and love you for helping.