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Let Us Unite: Resist Hate. Embrace Global Unity. Form a new movement!


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Humanity Unite!

Protest Injustice. Defy Hate.

Embrace Global Unity.

Form a new movement for social change!

Forming a new movement is easy. All you do is make a commitment to getting it done and then uniting with others to make it a reality.

By signing you do the following:

  • Resisting Hate and Intolerance
  • Stand for Global Unity and United Humanity
  • Declare Independence from the System
  • Join the Hanian Earth Empire
  • Working to create a better future for all

You are saying enough is enough with me and getting active to make things better for everyone. This can include not only speaking out but also protesting against injustice. It means calling out bad leadership and getting the same impeached. Not being afraid to be the resistance and being loud about resisting hate! Joining with others across the world to make a positive change and to bring opportunity to others. It's about taking actions such as protesting and also joining the rest of us to create an alternative that will make change in the long term.

We're part of the Anti - Trump Resistance

Trump and others like him are bad news for us, really bad news. Not only here in America but for our whole world. He's not fit to be a leader and we don't accept him as the rightful President. Furthermore he has shown time and time again to act only in his own interest and for his own glory even causing destruction along the way. He's only been in office a short time and has alienated plenty of groups. From appointing horrible leaders into his cabinet to attempting to enact a wide spread ban on immigration he's showing that he has no respect for the democratic and free system that the United States has been founded upon. We're a nation of Immigrants and we're a free nation, he is a threat to that through and through. The hate he represents we do not endorse so we'll resist it every step of the way.

As the Resistance we must not only realize the threat but keep protesting and speaking out against it at every turn. Furthermore we must unite, even if we might have differences in beliefs or how we should deal with the reality of now living under such a leadership. Vigilance is important now, more than ever as though it would take a lot to turn a free country into a dictatorship it can happen if people don't pay attention. Creativity is required as is looking outside the proverbial box. The time for protesting and speaking out is now, before it gets so bad that to do so is made against the law. It means we must do our unifying now, not later. It also means we must keep an eye to history to notice the subtle signs of society degradation so we don't slip more and more into an oppressive regime. 

While we may not have the necessary support here in the USA for making change we do have plenty of allies. If we know where to look. By focusing globally rather than just locally we find plenty who do not agree with horrible leadership and who are just as appalled as we are by Trumps' antics. We find people who aren't willing to be baited into war and destruction. By uniting with the very people that Trump seeks to alienate against us we can change the tide back into our favor.

So my call is to make the Anti Trump resistance global. Stop calling his horrible leadership and the system an American issue cause it's not. It's a global problem that will have ramifications on all of us. Due to being a global issue will allow us to take the same approach to fixing it as everything else. We unite as one united humanity. Trump and his allies can strike fear into anyone's hearts, they can even turn America more and more into a dictatorship. But they can't change the rest of the world. They can separate families due to immigration bans, but they can't stop the European press from lambasting him overseas. That's where our power comes in, this is where we can shine. By showing him that the world doesn't agree with him. So are you with me, to make this a global movement for social change? To call him to be impeached and to step down while standing side by side with both Mexicans and Muslims? Can we put our differences aside long enough to protect our freedom and our very world? If we can, then we can achieve.

  • Anti Trump Resistance unifies with each other
  • The resistance goes global, leveraging our allies all over the world
  • We harness social media to the best of our ability
  • We crowd-source the resistance, having 1000 leaders rather than one
  • We speak out at every turn, protest when and where we can
  • We engage in creative actions, both spontaneous and long term. 
  • We focus on social action rather than just political ones
  • Our resistance is tempered with projects which address the underlying issues.

Global Problems lay at the root:

Our world is a mess and our society is suffering greatly. Not only here in the United States but all over the world. Bad leaders such as Trump are only the result of larger underlying problems. Ignorance. Hate. Poverty. Us versus Them. In order to make lasting change we must address both, to resist the hate and injustice as well as solve the problems that allow them to fester in the first place. The good news is in our fight against Trump and injustice we'll run head to head into these issues giving us a chance to address them. The things we can use to give us the advantage and let us topple bad leadership are the very same things we can actually harness to change our entire world.

These problems may seem like they are above our ability to change, just like it may seem impossible to remove a bad leader. Nothing we've tried has worked to eliminate poverty, ignorance and hate. Perhaps it's not our desire that is lacking but the methods we're trying that aren't working. Most people are still focused just on the Nation, rather than the world. We still think we're in it alone. But we're not.

So I ask that we do things differently. Instead of merely lobbying the organizations and leaders of the world to make a change, I'm asking you to take individual action. To make a stand and to unite with others who are doing the same. Why? Because each person has the power to make change and by uniting we can see some real change.

I for one am tired of billions living in abject poverty. I've had enough with leaders who promise everything and don't do anything. Elections aren't working and then to make it worse we end up with Trump. We're divided and society is breaking down as we speak.

It's breaking down because of artificial borders, insignificant and minor differences between us and those in power making us fight and bicker among ourselves. Humans of a slightly different shade than me aren't my enemy. People who grew up elsewhere aren't my enemy either. We're all on this planet together. So I say enough is enough. I refuse to call another human who does nothing to me my enemy and I ask you to do the same...

I'm declaring that we change things up by declaring independence from the system and then getting ourselves moving to both protest our bad leadership and create a better way.

Declaring Independence from the System.

  • Ignorance and lack of education.
  • Poverty. Hopelessness. Needless suffering.
  • Lack of infrastructure.
  • Hate and indifference. Not caring about one another.
  • Lack of freedom and opportunity.
  • Campaigns and useless politics. Wrong priorities.
  • Horrible leadership that often seek war, destruction and division.
  • Artificial Divisions. Arbitrary borders. Walls n' bans.

We don't need any of that. We can do better than that. So I say that hereby we come out one by one and set our new system up right beside the current systems, making our own administration and creating our own society. This will serve as an alternative to those who wish to cause problems and divide us, it will show the world that we can do better than what's out there now.

Join the Hanian Earth Empire and become a Citizen, simply by signing this pledge.

Our Beliefs:

  • Base Law: Live and Let Live
  • Global Unity; no more artificial divisions
  • Humanity first; nations second!
  • All of us have the right to live freely & have opportunities
  • All should have access to food, water, shelter, etc.

Our Methods for change:

We have unique ways of making change and protesting injustice. Things that haven't been tried before and things that from observing nature are known to work. By understanding human culture and making things interesting, fun and fair we can make things happen.

  • Changing the world through social action and even games
  • Protesting injustice through innovative actions, both online and offline                                  
  • Using unique ways of eliminating human global problems: Poverty, War, Destruction...

If you're tired of how things are being handled, in your country and globally then seize the opportunity. Help us unite the resistance and take it globally. Opt out of the system that seeks to harm, exploit and destroy us. Take back your power and join us at the Hanian Earth Empire. Participate in one of our projects or protest and speak out against injustice on your own. By signing this you agree to the above and accept to support us; sign here too if you'd like to participate globally uniting the Anti - Trump Resistance. Of course taking action can also be done by individual action towards global unity and a better world.

While we are technically a social change society (or as some might call it a Micronation) with no real power or authority we can't let that stop us as a movement for global good. We can show that by leveraging our abilities, desire for change and our individual power we can make a change. So join us, one by one and let's do this!

Sign it then see if you can get at least two others to sign it as well. You can use our projects to call attention to this unity pledge or share it through social media. On Twitter feel free to RT this, Follow @onespirit77 and / or DM me your information for getting involved and keeping the list up to date. A lot is done on Twitter.

Thank you for considering my call to make a difference and making a stand....

HayaH Silvia J. of the Hanian Earth Empire


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