Removal of the current Commander in Chief

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After carefully looking at how things are, I and a few others believe that the current Commander in Chief should be replaced.

The Commander in Chief role is of high authority if someone were to be it, it must be someone who we can trust and is 100% dependable.

As most of you may know in recent events some information regarding the Commander in Chief has been exposed, even though a lot of it has reasonable meaning, the actions that should have been taken was informing the public or majority of the military, it does not have to be all of the information or what is our current status with certain things like the Asian Federation, but information stating things like

(We encountered another group of individuals, we do not know if they are friend or foe yet, so please don't get your hopes up.)

The military itself has not advanced yet, the commanders are doing their best and attempting to fix any potential errors that they may encounter, but at the same time an "inspection"  that pretty much does nothing is pointless, all it does is make the Commander in Chief seems like they are doing something for the Military.

Simple logic would observe the Military in secret, to know the errors, if some sort of inspection happens people try to act better cause they know they are being watched, so inspections are useless.

There are more things that we can state, but I believe that now more than ever we need a more dependable Commander in Chief.

Our current Commander in Chief is a social type of individual, I and many others know that for a fact, he likes to hang out with friends and play games etc.

But in all honesty, we don't need a Commander in Chief that will be your best friend, we need one that will take charge, we need one that will be able to tell the public straight facts and figures when needed, some information is hidden for a reason, we all know that but the things that do not have to be hidden should be shown at least a portion.

So I ask you all now to sign this petition under the agreement of there would be a new election for another Commander in Chief, but this time Romeo would not be included.

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