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HUMANITY OF PLANET EARTH: to arrests the criminal cabal aka illuminati, and all co conspirators

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this secret faction known as the illuminati manipulates society with the intent to kill, poision, create war, ravage the planet, seperate mankind, invest in degradation and invest in any reality that seperates humanity. These illuminati banking and corporate criminals use the media use religion use a fake debt fiat money system to enslave us in debt, they use a toxic foodchain to make us weak and sick, they suppress advanced technologies , their intent is to keep us as servants and slaves. Their plan involves depopulation agendas to limit in any way feasible  revoloutions that would threaten there power structure They dream to reduce populations to a more managable number of humans...They use war as a way to create instability, chaos, and profit, these illuminati criminal secret cabal are evil to the most extreme......yet we will not let these families get away with this modus..... i order the open and public trials of these individuals for their crimes i order the open and public disclosure of all their practises, i order the release of any technologies that would benefit all of humanity, i demand the return of the trillions stolen from the public by there banking systems, may they be cleansed in the light of all their dealings. Let humanity become aware of this insidious program by these very few "elites" who vy for total world domination. let us create this together and rid the disease of so many troubles that humanity will finally be free from the clutches of absolute tyranny. this petition is to gather the numbers like the sand on the seashore to stand ready for the finalbattle over our freedom it is our intent to bring aware this revoloution in a smart and thoughtful non-violent way. May we stand united as one human race to change this world to they way we truly desire for all humans on planet earth.

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