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Justice for Rape Victims.

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Rape is a social problem which has plagued the world today. It is because of the inhumane activities by many individuals that girls fall pray to such crimes. Girls are scared to walk the streets alone even in broad day light.Rape is a type of crime where the attacker is using their body as a weapon. Rather than stealing an item which can be replaced they steal the victims sanity, which is hard to replace.

In a recent case, a Pakistani family had to go through through an unexpected and heinous phase of their lives when they received a call about their child, a 7 year old girl, who was abducted, raped and dumbed in a garbage pile.

Aren't humans the most dangerous creatures to have walked on Earth? Aren't we the most inhuman of them all? Blinded by the evil pleasure, hence violating the moral ethics of simply being human, these RAPISTS need to know that their time is up. It is time we speak for ourselves. It is time that we drag ourselves out from the pit of tar where we were dumped, by ourselves. Raise your voices, and so report the crimes so that the unheard can be heard. So that the ignorant becomes aware. So that these human devils know that we as individuals and as groups will take all the possible actions and measures to curb the crime. 

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