The Inhumane Treatment Of Mothers At PMH Maternity Ward

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For far to long women have endured the inhuman conditions at PMH. We have been silent waiting for a change to come but the time has come and we say no more! 

We refuse to have any more of our precious moments turn into nightmares. We refuse to be spoken to by staff as if we are not human. Bedside manners have been thrown out the window. We say no more!! They must return at once.  

Mothers being rushed during c-sections and having to be reopened due to carelessness will be a thing of the past. Mothers getting infections and even worse dying because after births were not properly taken out will be a thing of the past!! Mothers bathing in unclean bathrooms post partum that don't even have hot water will no longer be tolerated!! 

As mothers we refuse to hear the excuses as to why we are not allowed support during such and intense yet momentous occasion. We will enforce our rights to be given pain medications if we deem natural birth pains  unbearable!  Mothers will no longer be in fear of giving birth. Horror stories will be a thing of the past! Nurses, midwives and doctors will be held accountable for their actions. No more sweeping dirt under the rug!!!  

We aren't looking for your sad sentiments on a letter head paper. Acknowledge our requests and with all do respect get to work and make the necessary changes!!! Enough is enough.


Celeste F. Sweeting