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Release Sadie to the animal rescue & NOT Euthinize her.

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Sadie is a 3 year old American Bulldog who has been taken by the SPCA & is in quarantine until May 6. Sadie is the most lovable & gentle dog I have ever owned! The reason they took her is because she killed our other dog, LuLu. & while I am sad by losing LuLu, I am also trying to save Sadie because she does not deserve to die! She was protecting my daughter & I because she thought LuLu was trying to hurt us. There is a rescue that is ready & willing to take her in & give her a good life! The Humane Society in Washington County, Maryland has done a lot of shady & deceptive Euthinzations behind people's backs in the past. When the officer fro the Humane Society came, we said how LuLu was always antagonizing Sadie, & his comment to me was "Well then she got what she deserved!" What professional that works with animals on a daily basis would say something like this to someone who just lost both their animals within 10 minutes???? This is the place you want to donate your money to, to keep it running???? Just imagine if this was your animal who you had for years & just all the sudden was gone & someone said to you, "Well your animal got what it deserved!" For our family our animals are also family members! Sadie was just doing what she thought was right. They have deemed her vicious, but the law in Maryland states, "Determination of potentially dangerous dog
(c) An appropriate unit of a county or municipal corporation may determine that a dog is potentially dangerous if the unit:
(1) finds that the dog:
(i) has inflicted a bite on a person while on public or private real property;
(ii) when not on its owner's real property, has killed or inflicted severe injury on a domestic animal; or
(iii) has attacked without provocation;"

Well Sadie was provoked by LuLu, it happened in our own living room & on our property! The Humane Society gave some excuse that this is a state law & that the county law is different but it says right in this that a person of the county or municipal, so it is a county law. The SPCA just thinks that they run by a different set of laws, the ones they want to make up!!!
Please sign this petition & save Sadie!! If we get a few hundred signitures & they still put her down then we will all see how much the Humane Society of Washington County, Maryland doesn't care & feels they can run by their own laws!! Please take a stand with me & show them that they can't just run by whatever laws they want to make up decide themselves. Just like we told them she is an American Bulldog but yet they put her down as a PitBull??? She is not a PitBull, but I guess they want to put some kind of stigma on her because of what happened??? This is NOT fair or Humane! & they call themselves a Humane Society???

 If the system can give child molesters & murderers a 2nd chance at life why can't a dog be given a 2nd chance???? Humans hurt & kill other humans & they don't kill them for what they have done 99% of the time!!! So why should a dog be put to death for what she did?? At least give her a chance at a rescue where they know what they are doing. If they are willing to take her then why shouldn't she be given another chance???? It's like saying it's ok for a human to kill but not a dog?? Makes no sense!! A human should be held accountable more than an animal!!!! She was just protecting her owners who she loves & loves her!! You can't say it's not the same thing bcus a life is a life no matter what!!!   You can contact me at 301-800-3419 or email me at if you can help with a rescue!

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