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Stop killing animals that have been there too long.

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Just because an animal cannot find a home within a certain amount of time does not mean they should be killed. Since animals do not have a voice, I believe it is our job as humans to stick up for them and make sure they are being treated fairly. When Humane Societies euthaniz animals because they are unable to find a home, I think this is morally wrong. There should not be any reason to kill an animal that has done nothing to deserve it.

One of the only reasons why I believe people do not adopt many animals is the price. With adoption fees, feed prices, and everything else that comes with purchasing an animal, the price can become overwhelming. However, if the humane societies were to lower their adoption fees, I believe that a significantly higher number of animals would be adopted. This should not be a big deal for the humane societies because either way if they adopt out an animal they are getting some money instead of nothing when they decide to euthanize the animals (Also, I'm sure many local pet supply stores would be more than happy to donate food or at least give it at a fractioned price for people who cannot afford it).

If Humane Societies stop and think about how many animals they are killing, I don’t think they would be as happy with themselves as they are now. They are taking away a loving animal that could care for someone and make them happy. If they thought about this and still believed that killing animals is the best solution then I believe that a new type of shelter should be created to ensure safety to all animals.

-Kelyn Hilt

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