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Corporations should not decide when quality health care and quality of life end.

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Humana.


Convince Giant Corporation to Rein-in Unethical Doctor

Prevent others from similar experiences of wrongdoing by Humana Doctor

We do not intend to sue. Rather, we strive to spare others from similar experiences of wrongdoing by the corporate giant, Humana health insurance and their Dr. Kathariguppa Venkataram, known as “Dr. Ram,” for short.

The huge corporation – Humana health insurance – is backing their doctor, Dr. Venkataram, Dr. Ram, who has treated my 90-year old aunt, Monica Walker, for 20 years.

Humana’s doctor has intentionally misdiagnosed Aunt Monica with dementia in order to detract from his mistreatment of her thyroid. A recent ultra-sound clearly shows Aunt Monica’s thyroid is inundated by potentially cancerous nodules. A CT brain scan shows zero dementia.

Within two days after proof of serious thyroid dysfunction and possible cancer, Dr. Ram issued a referral for a dementia specialist.

TWO WEEKS after proof of serious thyroid dysfunction and possible cancer - and only from under pressure of family insistence - Dr. Ram finally issued the referral for a thyroid specialist.

However, this Humana doctor is now forcing us to utilize the specialist of his preference, and is refusing us the right of choice for a Humana-approved specialist.

Navigating through Humana’s “proper channels” resulted in 3 months of wasted time and paper milling that generated 4 inches of documentation – yet, we still do not have the desperately needed referral of choice for a Humana specialist for Aunt Monica.

Dr. Ram’s judgment is no longer trusted, including his referral of preference and insistence.

Immediately, we urge Humana executives to take the following actions:

• Mandate that their Dr. Kathariguppa Venkataram, Dr. Ram, issue that needed referral for an Endocrinologist of our choice from within the Humana approved Network of Providers to examine and treat the potentially cancerous nodule-inundated thyroid.

• Provide assistance in quickly acquiring and transitioning to the care of a different Humana Internal Medicine Primary Care Physician.

As a means of sparing others from similar experiences of wrongdoing by their doctor, we urge Humana to:

• Have an outside, non-private-sector entity perform a thorough investigation into Dr. Kathariguppa Venkataram, Dr. Ram’s, medical practices.

• Take appropriate action to ensure that Dr. Ram’s grave lack of ethics and integrity do not harm others.

• Revise its’ policies for reviewing atypical patient scenarios, and provide patients the benefit of the doubt – not Humana doctors.


Details and pics on Aunt Monica’s case can be accessed in a Facebook search on Karen Tai, Tampa,

With hope for justice and heart-felt thanks you for your support,
Karen Tai

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