Free Professor Jalal from the Taliban Terrorists

Free Professor Jalal from the Taliban Terrorists

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“On Saturday, January 8th, the Taliban abducted Professor Faizullah Jalal, who has been an outspoken critic of the Taliban (and all governments before) and an intellectual light in Afghanistan for a very long time. 

A few months ago he appeared on the country’s most widely watched news channel, TOLO News, and lambasted the Taliban’s ruling style in front of a Taliban official and later he appeared again recently and cautioned the world about recognition of the Taliban.

Ustad or Professor Jalal is the husband of Afghanistan’s first female presidential candidate Dr. Massouda Jalal who also served as minister of women’s affairs under President Karzai.

This appears to be a turning point in the Taliban’s willingness to tolerate civil dissent. Many critics have remained inside the country. The arrest of this very well known figure may signal the end of this period and where some criticism is tolerated.” - Jen Brick Murtazashvili, Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Governance and Markets

We strongly urge the human rights organizations around the world, namely Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, to act as soon as possible to help enforce justice and have Professor Faizullah Jalal released from the Taliban’s illegal custody. Furthermore the international community, especially the European Union, should impose more sanctions on individuals and leaders of the Taliban and their sponsors. It’s not just one life at stake here, rather the most bare manifestation of freedom of expression which is on the line.

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790 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!