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My husband Juan Spurlin is currently incarcerated at Oakdale Federal Prison. Since the pandemic of the Coronavirus, approximately a dozen inmates have died and countless others have tested positive for COVID 19.

Juan is a nonviolent offender who only has 100 or less days of being released. Meeting the standard criteria of the compassionate release order due to the coronavirus he's still being denied early release. This exposure is detrimental to him because based on their prison medical team's diagnosis Juan is diabetic.

We've all witnessed Michael Cohen get released without pause, however Juan has witnessed sick inmates be brought back into general population after being quarantined.

Since the beginning of the pandemic my husband and I have made numerous attempts at petitioning for his early release due to the dreadful exposure of the Coronavirus around him. His direct request for early release and home confinement to the Southwest Region of the B.O.P, to his counselor, Officer Dill, and the the warden of the prison, Rod Myers, have all been denied.

This virus has no cure which means that Oakdale Federal Prison is a breeding ground for the virus and none of the nonviolent offenders with short terms are being released. All that said, Juan called home today, May 20, 2020, and stated that he too has tested positive!

This is an outrage and a direct violation of human rights! I am petitioning for his early release after quarantine and for an immediate investigation of the Oakdale Federal Prison Facility in Louisiana.