Humanitarian Intervention Now!

Humanitarian Intervention Now!

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James Price
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The Challenges that the so called Black people of America must face can ONLY be OVERCOME via...

Self Determination as a People/ Group in areas where we are the majority (as the Chinese of Chinatown or Cubans of Lil Havana, etc.)

Self Determination is the number One Human Right practiced by All Independent People of the World except for one very peculiar people... Until Now.

The #1 Issue in America is the lack of Black Independent political control of a jurisdictional territory(s) necessary  to solve challenges faced by so called Black People in an environment that is controlled by The People (Black Communities locally).

We are  the Honorable men and women, the mothers and fathers of Huemanity!  Let's Speak and Let Our People's Voice be Heard Loud and Clear...

We The People (Black America) held a Special Assembly and Vote at City Halls on July 4th 2020. 


We are a Special People who have Human Rights which we have yet to exercise and are presently organizing to execute lawful political processes that are Internationally recognized by the U.N.

On the 4th of July 2020 at 9 am  we  assembled at city halls (in areas where we are the majority) and instruct public officials and servants to End The Violations of the Human Rights of The People.  End the abuse of our people and mismanagement of our assets by those in position of trust and tell em "YOU'RE FIRED" & Under Arrest!

Human Rights Policy Officers will be present to ensure Safety of ALL who wish to exercise their human rights as well as to maintain Order in the event of disruption.

We are organizing for the support of & recognition of and observance of the Human Rights of All People (and especially the so called Black People of America who are treated as worst class Citizen of all people in America) to have a jurisdiction of Our Own here in the cities and areas in which we presently dwell. 

Do take a moment and learn more about how we  gain our Independence by going to 

Or call the 24/7 Hotline @ 888-999-6530

Please sign if you are dissatisfied with how Black People being murdered in the streets by Terrorist in Police uniforms and Mass Incarcerated by Villians in court stealing the manpower (male/female) from our so called black communities already ravished by social oppression and generational poverty.

If you are in agreement with the so called Black people of America having Special Status / a jurisdiction of Our (or Own) where we will be free from the oppressors terror which we have known since being invaded by our historical oppressors and their racist institutions & offspring that serve to injure so called Black Lives continuously, Sign Now!

It's long overdue to end the assault on the lives of so called Black People Worldwide!

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Thank You for your support.