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Urgent application of the criminal procedure code in El Salvador against hate crimes

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We express our deep concern about the recent events against Trans people in El Salvador that occurred between 18-22 February 2017, and we convey:

  1. Our total condemnation at the rise in hate crimes (5 at this moment) that have been executed in the last 96 hours in the department of La Paz, El Salvador, against Trans women who have been deprived of their life and many others had to flee from their place of origin to safeguard their lives.
  2. We denounce the reluctant attitude of the current Human Rights Procurator of El Salvador (PDDH), not granting hearings to civil society organizations, LGBTIQ to deal with these issues urgently and the corresponding demands, taking into account Said that article 18 of the Constitution of the Republic of El Salvador clearly states: "All persons have the right to address their petitions in writing, in a dignified manner, to the authorities legally established; To be resolved, and to let them know what has been resolved. "
  3. We condemn the lack of application to the reform of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of El Salvador, whose Article 129 mandates "that as result of the repugnant crimes of intolerance and hate, especially directed against victims by reason of their gender, identity and expression of gender or sexual orientation, such crimes should be investigated and punished with the full rigor of the law ". The law was approved by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, on October 22, 2015 and, taking into account that since then there are more than 50 people of the LGBTIQ community were brutally murdered without the approved reform in question being implemented.
  4. We demand the prompt and effective intervention of the Human Rights Ombudsman of El Salvador (PDDH), and pronounce on these hate crimes and urge that the competent authorities investigate and judicial these cases and recommend that the authorities Will cater to the healers of these heinous crimes.
  5. We urge international human rights organizations (OAS, IACHR, OHCHR, OHCHR, OHCHRUD, UN SOGI and human rights rapporteur) to take a stand and take pressure actions towards the Salvadoran State in the area of ​​crimes Of hate registered in recent days and that records a history of impunity documented by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) with more than 600 crimes committed against LGBTIQ people since 1993 and to date in El Salvador.
  6. We urge the Salvadoran State the effective implementation of the recommendations issued by the IACHR in 2013 regarding LGBTIQ persons and the Universal Paternal Examination in 2015, which, although the Salvadoran State only noted, it is the responsibility of the State to guarantee the security Of all his fellow citizens. Likewise, the national authorities responsible for ensuring the free transit, security and guarantee of all fundamental rights including the right to life.

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