I was wrongly convicted of a crime I m innocent no one investigated I have strong evidence

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My son got no justice he was a victim of bullying at his secondary school. The school damaged my son's health he does not have a normal life anymore. My son was a happy child full of confidence until the bullying started at the school and the nightmare incidents that he had to face at the school.

My son ended up with OCD illness and IBS. When a member of staff verbally bullied my son in the playground. This was a day after he had ended up in hospital due to anxiety and panic attacks of not wanting to go to school because of the bullying. Yet my son made the effort to go back to school and the member of staff verbally bullied him as another teacher watched and did not help. My son froze he couldn't move. The member of staff then said to my son if he doesn't move from the place his standing she will get the year 10 boys to crowd around him and who should she call. (She meant the boys who bullied my son). After this incident my son ended up with OCD illness. My son would come home crying and he would wet himself. 

My son also ended up with IBS illness due to the bullying issues at the school he was always an hour on the toilet before going to school. This effected his health badly. The evidence is all on my sons health records. Yet no one bothered to investigate the incidents that happened to my son.

The liaison officer from the school came to visit my home in September 2012 because my son was not at school because of the bullying issues. When the liaison officer saw the state my son was in how he was trembling not wanting to go to school because of the bullying. The liaison officer said a child protection form needs to be filled in. But the school ignored the issue. Where was the child protection officer at that time when my son wasn't at school for weeks?

When I contacted the social services that my son wasn't at school for weeks because of the bullying at school  they sent a support worker to visit our home from September 2012 til January 2013. This support worker was writing everything down that my son told her in my presence. My son told her about the boys who bullied him from his class and how the member of staff verbally bullied him in the playground. My sons support worker told me to go and see the Head Teacher and she will talk to the other teachers at the school because this isn't on a teacher is not allowed to bully a student. These were her words.

A teacher also took my son alone in a room in school with an older year boy from year 11. The teacher then mentioned to my son that he was in the army and he wanted to commit suicide and he was receiving counselling for this. First of all my son was a victim of bullying at the school he was suffering anxiety and panic attacks and this teacher talks about his personal issues with my son who felt confused. My son came home upset and told me what this teacher had said. When I mentioned it to the Birmingham social services they replied 'we don't look into matters such as this. I was shocked at their reply. 

At the school meeting my sons support worker denied everything my son had told her, and said she will have to ask my son again who the bullies were she thought it was older year boys. As she said this she had no eye contact with me when I confronted her to why she is denying what my son had told her. How can this be possible that my sons support worker didn't know who the bullies were when she's been visiting our home for 5 months writing everything down my son told her in my presence. I have evidence. Yet my sons support worker covered up for the school who harmed my son. Please note.

A month before the school meeting in January 2013, my son's support worker called me and mentioned that she called a lady at CAMHS and she had to lie to her that my son locked himself in the bathroom so that CAMHS refer him there.The conversation was recorded. I was shocked at what she did. My son's support worker then came to visit me and gave me a note with the CAMHS number written on it of the lady she had talked to. I still have the evidence. Please note.

When I attended the school meeting on 06/02/13 with two witnesses, I noticed a lady come in the room to write the minutes of the meeting, but she was confused when she was sent back out . She was replaced by another member of staff. I also noticed earlier before the meeting my son's support worker whisper to the member of staff who had now joined us to write the minutes. I knew straight away something was not right.The school staff were also not happy to see me bring two witnesses with me to the meeting. They wanted me to come alone. Little did I know this meeting was all planned and lies and denials were going to be made.

When I received the minutes of the school meeting it was littered with lies and negative information. The school staff put a lie mentioning my son's support workers line manager had said my son had erratic behaviour. This was not mentioned or said at the meeting. When I called my son's support workers line manager in March 2013, and confronted him he was shocked and confused himself to why the school had put this lie in the minutes when he had not mentioned this. He then said, he hasn't yet read the minutes of the meeting and that he will be discussing this with the school. This conversation was recorded. Please note.

I then again received the school minutes of the meeting posted to me from the school. This time the school staff changed the minutes and wrote another lie that, in the schools opinion my son had erratic behaviour. The school just wanted to leave this lie in the minutes against my son for some reason. This clearly shows the school staff and my sons support worker were in a hurry to refer my son to CAMHS for their own wrong reasons. This could have harmed my son. From what they already did, my son's support worker calling CAMHS and lying to the lady so my son is referred there and what the school staff did with adding lies to the school minutes it's clear proof what their intentions were and it wasn't good. Please note.

When I contacted the witness I took with me to the school meeting a parent support worker who had wrote her minutes with the truth was shocked to hear why the school mentioned this lie in the minutes that my son had erratic behaviour when no one had said this at the meeting. Please note.

No one from the school even bothered to send homework for my son for three weeks when he was not at school. I had to contact the school because my son was behind in his school work due to his ill health and the bullying issues in school. Yet they all called me a bad mother when I have always been there for my son, and yes it hurts all the lies they've said against me. 

To make matters worse lies were added to my sons school records, and in the minutes of the meeting I attended at the school with two witnesses, my sons health records were also littered with lies and my sons support worker was involved. My son's and my health records were tampered without my consent this was before I was ever charged of any offence. At that time I had evidence against the school. The social services records were also littered with lies.

When I received my son's health records I noticed on the first page it was mentioned why my son was being referred to CAMHS because he was bullied at school. But when I read the rest pages I was shocked to find different information that were negative untrue lies and negative opinions added in my son's health records. 

When I went to see the specialist with a witness, the specialist had admitted all departments had a meeting on 14th of April 2013, where a police officer and the social services Manager was involved with other departments, and they were discussing about referring my son to a Psychiatric ward. The witness and i were both shocked to hear this. Just to hush my son up with what happened to him at the school these .departments were going to go to that length to ruin my son's life and cause him harm. I have a witness statement regarding this matter. This meeting was when my son and my health records were tampered with by a third party without my consent.

In my whole entire life I have never met anyone as pure evil as the Birmingham police officers and the rest departments involved in harassing my son and me. I have never met anyone God Forgive as evil as what these departments did. I m devastated and shocked how can these people call themselves human beings. They are something near to evil but not human. They have no humanity in them. They have ruined my entire family's life. And yet they have no remorse for their wrong actions on innocent people.

These departments expect me to stay quiet while they take advantage of harassing me and my family for the rest of our lives. No one has a right to harass anyone in UK. I am a voice that will speak out not only for my self and my son but for all the those victims out there who are scared to speak up who have been in similar situations like ours. I will always fight for what's right, 

When the school did not help support my son I tried all the right procedures of making a complaint since the school have a policy of 0 tolerance in bullying at school. I wrote to the Chair of Governor of the school who is also a police officer. I wrote to him regarding my sons bullying issues and how the school added lies to the minutes of the school meeting, but the school Governor ignored my letter and did not reply back. He was aware of all the evidence I had against the school. Please note.

This is what some schools do just to make their school name look good, they are willing to do anything and that even means no complaints from parents against bullying at the school. Instead the parents are tossed aside and harassed by social services to keep quiet. I have experienced this so I know. After my son was mistreated and bullied at the school, the school became a Academy school. I am shocked after the way my son was bullied and mistreated and then the lies added to his school records and in the minutes of the school meeting that I have evidence of that the education department are also aware of, yet the school becomes an Academy school. They were proud of their school, they have no shame. From what I have experienced this clearly shows the reason, that the school wanted their school name to look good. The school were never bothered about my sons welfare nothing, just as long as their school name looked good that's all they were bothered about.

I then contacted the Education Department and talked to the school support Manager regarding the school minutes I received with the lies in it, and the teacher admitting over the phone he doesn't know why the school staff and my sons support worker denied everything at the meeting, this conversation was recorded. The school support Manager replied, 'there you go you have evidence that the teacher admitted it over the phone'. She then told me to send her the evidence of the school minutes. When I did send it by post  on special delivery, I was told by the school  support Manager of the Education Department that she had a word with the Head Teacher to correct the school minutes with the truth but he refused to do so and was stubborn. Please note.

I then received an email from the Chief Executive of the Birmingham children's services. He wrote that the school had said I wasn't taking any further action against them. (But this was only agreed because the school made an agreement with me to correct the minutes of the school meeting, but the school broke their promise.) 

When I went to my MP to have this investigated she wrote to the Chief Executive of the children's services, and he delayed the matter for months not bothering to investigate. At the end he writes a negative letter against me to the MP. This clearly showed his involvement in covering up for the school who harmed my son. He was aware all along the wrong the school did, and he knew I had evidence but yet he writes a negative letter to cover up everything that happened to my son at the school and made me look like a bad mother. The Chief Executive of the children's services is more responsible for his wrong actions on innocent people. He never cared about the welfare of my son all he cared about was to cover up for the schools wrong doings.

After hearing this I was frustrated and upset since I am an honest person I was shocked at the lies said in the minutes of the school meeting.  I have a witness as I mentioned earlier a professional who attended the school meeting who had wrote her minutes with the truth. I have all the evidence.

 The Birmingham social services did not investigate the poster my son drew titled 'island of Never' of the tragic incidents that happened to him at his school. The child protection officer was also involved she did not bother to investigate the school Instead she caused problems for my son by covering up for the people who harmed my son. And Instead all departments again called me a bad mother and littered my records with lies. Please note.

When my sister harmed my son where were the social services, the child protection officer and the police officers then? My son had told the social services what his Aunt had done how she used to pinch him and make him bleed with her sharp nails. The social services have it on their record, yet they did not investigate it. Just shows how much they care. Please note.

The Birmingham police are also aware how my sister lashed out at my son and banged the door on his chest as he came home from school. My son was hurt and I told the officers who visited my home what my sister did how she injured my son. it's all on police record.The police didn't inform the social services or the child protection officer to investigate what my sister did. I have evidence. All this effected my sons health. My son and I were victims of harassment twice but the police didn't help even though my solicitors letter was sent to them they didn't respond. Please note.

When the school harmed my son what did the social services and the child protection officer do, they closed their case. All the ones that harmed my son no one investigated them instead they started pointing fingers at me to cover up for the people who were responsible.

The social services, the child protection officer, the police and the school  all called me a bad mother instead. Ask them whose been running to hospitals and surgeries for the past 5 years since my sister and the school damaged my sons health. I was a good mother that's why I wanted my sister and the school investigated for the harm they caused my son. Even after looking at the evidence I sent to them no one investigated they all covered up for the people in the wrong.

The police then wrongly convicted me of a crime and covered up for the people who were responsible, but I m innocent and I have strong evidence. The investigation was tampered with by the Birmingham police. I have strong evidence against them. Serious crimes have been committed by these officers involved.

I received two bail letters that were tampered with. In the second bail letter the offence was changed and another lie was added by the police that 'the defendant had nothing to say about the charge' they lied.

I gave my evidence in the interview tape which I was promised a copy of but the police never gave me unless they've got something to hide. Even the statements read out to me in the interview room had false information in it and it's against  the law to give false statements just to wrongly convict an innocent person of a crime. I have a letter from the Head Teacher of the school of him apologising to me about my emails and that he will have the four members of staff investigated. This is evidence against the Head Teacher signed by the Head Teacher himself. If my emails were threatening then why did I receive an apology letter regarding my emails from the Head Teacher, it's because my emails were not threatening at all. I also have a letter from my sons support workers Manager when my son's support worker was under investigation regarding the minutes of the school meeting that had lies in it. Please note.

After the interview the officer was in a hurry to leave the room before I could. I noticed he had the yellow sticky tape stuck to his fingers and the tape in the other hand but he started talking to distract me so I wouldn't notice. He quickly took the tape to the other room without sealing it in front of me which I believe was tampered with. 

I was mistreated at the police station on my bail date, during a search the lady officer deliberately made fun of the way I was dressed and she exposed my body part in front of three male officers. She found the whole situation funny. What this officer did was racial discrimination. I am a Muslim woman and this is how I was treated. The evidence is on camera. 

Ask this lady officer who made fun of the way I was dressed and exposed my body part in front of three male officers ask her, would she have let an officer do this to her own mother or sister or daughter? Ask the rest male police officers at the station who were involved in harassing me would they have allowed this to happen to their family member? Ask them, why is there a women's Day? Do they know the meaning of women's Day? How to treat women? Is this how you treat a Muslim woman in a police station? I was covered like a Nun would be covered, and yet this lady officer lifted up my dress but it wasn't enough for her she wanted to lift it up more , how much more did she want to lift it?  Ask her? What did she  want to reveal ? What did she want to make fun of and expose?  What's above, is that it? That's what she wanted to make fun of? She wanted to lift my dress up to go more above.  Well let me tell this shameful lady officer, What's above is an important part of a woman body, where a mother breastfeeds her baby. A Muslim woman dresses in a way to keep herself covered because it's a symbol of a muslim woman's dignity. If this lady officer was a mother herself and had any shame then she would have understood the meaning of honour and dignity, but she had no shame. That day the lady officers shame ran away, she had no shame at all for her wrongful actions, because I refused to sign a caution letter that I was not allowed to read that could have caused me harm if I had signed it,  this lady officer did this to me she had no shame she didn't care about my religion, my faith my beliefs she made fun of everything. Would she have treated a Nun the same way too?  From what I have experienced, People like her  (this lady officer) who have no shame would even sell their honour for money. What would she understand anything about honour.

The police made sure everything in court was hidden away all the evidence I had no wonder I couldn't put my evidence in front in court because of the lie the police put in the second bail letter 'the defendant had nothing to say about the charge.' Ask the officers, Am I right? Or am I right? Please note.

The Birmingham police officers tell us about the laws when they don't even stick to the right laws themselves. They covered up for the officers who committed crimes. Not only this they didn't even investigate the rest departments who were involved harassing my son and me. They tell us about the laws. Well enough is enough.

Ask these Birmingham officers what was the use of them studying law, when they don't stick to the right laws themselves. If they can't help innocent people get justice and investigate the ones who have committed crimes then they should throw away their law books at least this way alot of innocent people's lives won't be ruined. From my experience there's no laws for the members of the public to use when it's against the police who commit crimes the police have taken those rights away from us too. They've made their police department into a circus full of corrupt clowns. What happens inside the Birmingham police department some officers  have made up their own laws and rules that's not in the books. They break the laws whenever they feel like it. From what I have experienced this is what the police did while investigating my case they broke every rule of law and wrongly convicted me of a crime.

Ask the Birmingham police officers do they know the meaning of;

1) Blue wall of silence

2) Police corruption

3) Police perjury 

4) Whistle blowing

Well if they don't remember they need to look it up online and find out the meanings of these words.

If the police can't stick to the right laws and follow them rules then what's the use of the law books. It's not a toy to play around with. Laws should be taken seriously. Don't play around with the laws, don't play around with the justice system to use and abuse it. It won't benefit anyone by doing so in the long run. By being dishonest It eventually destroys and ruins a person. Even prosecutors have their own rules, and they play around these rules just to win their case. They don't even see the impact this can have on innocent  person in court by being dishonest it ruins an innocent persons life.The court deserves respect and should be dealt with honesty and if there's anyone who can't do that then they shouldn't be in the court room in the first place. It wouldn't bite anyone if they stuck to the right laws and showed a little humanity that they care instead of ruining innocent people's lives. Show a little respect, a little humanity because from my experience I haven't seen much people do that. Even animals care more about humanity look at the love they give us, so why can't humans care about humanity they never do.

How many more crimes are these Birmingham police officers and the rest departments going to commit just to cover up for one crime they've already committed. How many more innocent people's lives are they willing to ruin to cover up for the ones who are responsible. How many more lies will they say to cover up for lies they've already said in the past. How long are they going to stay in this mess that they've created for themselves? Sooner or later  they won't have any story left to lie about at the end the truth always comes out they know that as well as I do.

No one has ever suffered a loss by saying the truth...and never can that happen.

If the Birmingham police find it a crime to speak the truth then throw away the law books, if it's a crime to help innocent people then throw away the laws books. If the police want to stick to dishonesty and ruin innocent people's lives then what's the use of the law books. The police tie innocent people's hands together by hand cuffing them and they show them their strength and power of what they can do. Those innocent people who are victims don't even have a voice to speak out. Some innocent people have to sell their wedding jewellery, sell everything they've got, just to get justice for their children, for  their families, they lose everything, but yet no justice is given to them. Yet the law let's them down. WHY? The question is why?

I will tell you why? These days it's all about money and power that makes a bad person get away with the crimes they commit. Instead they use their money to wrongly convict an innocent person of a crime to get away with the wrong they've done themselves. How easy it is for them to do so. How easy it is for them to play around with the justice system and yet they call themselves good citizens who stick to the right laws. These are their right laws, Instead of using and spending their money for the right reasons for example help the poor people in poor countries, they'd rather do the opposite instead and use their money to ruin innocent people's lives. Now you tell me what has this world become? Innocent people can't even fight for their rights anymore they are either  put aside or hushed up. Soon there won't be anyone left to fight for the truth there won't be anyone left to ask for justice. From what I have seen and experienced this world isn't a world of human beings anymore. When there's no humanity left in a person then how can it be a world of human beings. 

From what I have experienced, for me it was guilty until proven innocent. I couldn't even put my evidence in front in court. This is what happened that day in court, honest people were slapped on their face for their honesty and the dishonest people were applauded for their dishonesty. This is very common, a lie is appraised and the truth is looked down upon. This is what happened that day. This world will throw stones at you they will rub salt on your wounds but they will have no remorse for the hurt and pain they've caused you. No remorse Whatsoever.

 The lady Solicitor meaning, the prosecutor entered the court room that day with a heart of stone. Yes, her heart was a solid stone  that day, and this is what made her job much easier. She felt no remorse even though she was aware of the truth, her job was to win the case and get paid and that's all even if it meant ruining an innocent persons life, for her it was, so what, so be it, let an innocent persons life get ruined, for her a job is a job right? Now just imagine this lady Solicitor, the prosecutor had entered the room with a heart instead she would have felt emotional and it would have distracted her from doing her job right? And at the end of the day she was there to win the case no matter what even if it's against an innocent person. She also knew the police had made her job very easy to fight in court and to win her case because I had no say in this I couldn't even put my evidence in front in court. Lie after lie after lie was told against me and I couldn't even defend myself. This is the worst nightmare that could ever happen to an honest person. When they are silenced and cannot speak up to defend themselves. Just to win her case the truth didn't matter to this prosecutor.

What I'm more shocked about isn't only  the allegations that the prosecutor made against me, but I watched her confidence of how she handled the whole matter without any remorse whatsoever. She was confident to look me in the eyes as she lied against me in court, if she can do that what would make it hard for her to look into the Judges eyes and lie to the Judge too, It wasn't hard for her at all. I was quietly observing the prosecutor of the kind of person she is. What I've experienced that's what I have mentioned. When it's going to be my turn to question the prosecutor of the evidence I have I want the prosecutor to know each question I will ask I will observe the prosecutors reaction, sometimes when a prosecutor is caught in a difficult question they won't show their weakness in front of anyone either they will try to change the subject or twist their words around to make a lie look true or even lay some other blame on you anything to win their case. Right? 

If I were to become a solicitor unlike the prosecutor, i would rather defend the innocent people because I wouldn't want to ruin innocent people's lives I wouldn't able to live with myself. Oh don't get me wrong,  The prosecutors are used to living with themselves even after they've convicted an innocent person. But I feel there's less solicitors who defend innocent people and there are more solicitors to defend the people who commit crimes, this I'm saying with my experience. Since I might have to fight my own case in court since no solicitor wants to get involved in my case the last solicitor I contacted also gave me his answer too. I guess it will be me against the prosecutor. That's if any prosecutor is willing to take this case against me. Believe me I've had so much enough of the harassment I've received from all the departments that I'm willing to fight my own case in court. Then again who knows my case more then I do. I'm just waiting for a reply back from the Judge . If it is agreed by the court that i can fight my own case, then I would be grateful and thank the court . And I would like to kindly give an advice to the prosecutor that a night before the court date do drink a glass of warm milk with a spoon of grinded almonds in it because my mother used to tell me that it's good for the brain and it helps to make you remember things clearly. Just a little kind advice.

There's one question that's still very confusing that I'd like to ask the prosecutor myself. After my son was bullied at the school and I had evidence against the school. A malicious referral was made to the mental health services against me, obviously it was to hush me up with the evidence I had against the school, there's no doubt in that. But this referral was made without any reason at all. Because if the police had put a reason it was evidence against the school. Even when I attended the assessment to see the specialist with a witness present. The specialist was also confused to why this referral was ever made she even mentioned it should have never been made. Please note.

It seems to me there's a lot of mixed stories here from the Birningham police, just like they couldn't decide what offence to  charge me with. The police charged me with one offence then changed the offence in the second bail letter. First the police make up a story that I m mental then they decide to say I m a criminal. Because it's very confusing if I'm mental then I can't be a criminal? And if I m a criminal then I can't be mental now can I? This is why the police man who made this malicious referral to the mental health services against me he should be sent to the mental health services just for a few days so that when this officer is much better he can tell us all properly whether I m mental or a criminal, so that according to that, I can then get my defence ready for court.

There's another question I wanted to ask the prosecutor. To find out properly what offence the police have wrongly convicted me of. First they charged me for racial aggravated intent  then they changed their mind and decided to charge me for harassment. The police really weren't sure what to charge me with, but they were desparate to charge me with something. If the prosecutor can let the officers know to discuss it between themselves and make their mind up what they've charged me for and then to please let me know too.

There's one very important question I would like to ask the Prosecuter. I was told by the specialist that there was a meeting held by all departments on the 14th of April 2013. That's the time I had evidence against the school I was not charged with any offence at the time. 5 days later on the 19th April 2013 my son's health records were littered with lies. I have evidence. The Chief Executive of the childrens services later writes a negative letter to the MP the letter was mostly littered with lies. He also mentioned  that all departments had a meeting in May 2013 just to cover up for the meeting that was held on 14th April 2013. This meeting on 14th April was planned there's no doubt in that. My health records and my son's were tampered with without my consent. That's where everything was discussed about the malicious referrals made against me to the mental health services and when the specialist admitted in front of a witness that the departments had a meeting where they discussed to refer my son to a psychiatric ward.

Now what I want to let the prosecutor be aware of is that before my son's health records were littered with lies on 19th April 2013, obviously it had to be discussed by all parties before they littered my son's health records with lies. Now the departments couldn't have had a meeting in May 2013 when the health records were littered with lies on the 19th April 2013 now can they? The meeting was held before the 19th April 2013, where everything was discussed before the lies were added. They would have had to go through the data protection procedures first  right? but they didn't have my consent, yet they tampered with my health records too just to save their own backs they were all aware I had evidence against the school so this meeting was to add lies to my son's health records and to make malicious referrals against me to hush me up with what happened to my son at the school. Please note.

Please note: I was charged between 19 April 2013 til 10th May 2013. My son's health records were littered with lies on the 19th of April 2013. From what I've experienced and seen it seems to me everything was already planned by the police before hand. The police charged me for what? About 5 emails I sent the school that were not even threatening. The police didn't mention the emails I sent before the 19th April 2013, when I mentioned to the school to correct the minutes of the  school meeting and to have the members of staff investigated. These emails were hidden away from court by the police . They can't deny it I have a letter from the Head Teacher apologising regarding the emails and that he will have the 4 members of staff investigated. Has the prosecutor got anything to say about this? Is the prosecutor aware?  They all put my son and me through this much hell and ruined my son's life and had me punished in court just to cover up for the schools wrong doing because of the evidence I had against the school.

To make matters even worse for me to cause me more problems they littered all my records with lies that I m a bad mother when I m not, and that they made me look like a  nasty character just to make their case more stronger. What about the psychological damage the school caused my son's health does that not count? And I hold  the rest departments  including the  social services responsible because they didn't investigate the incidents that happened to my son at the school. And what about the harassment my son and I received from all deaprtments does that not count?  Was this part of the sentence too to be harassed by all departments for the rest of our lives? What kind of evil people are they?I hold all the departments responsible.

Now imagine you were in my place with so many lies littered in your records by all the departments who were involved who had committed crimes themselves but to cover up for what they did wrong and accusing an honest person of a crime instead then you tell me what chance does that person have in court  to defend themselves. This is what happened that day in court. I couldn't even  put my evidence in front to defend myself.

An honest person has an answer to each lie levelled against them. And they will also admit to the honesty of a mistake. An honest person does not need to supply proof of their truthfulness- it shows on their face. It is liars that look for proof to make their words appear true. An honest person has an answer to each lie said against them, it's the dishonest ones that look for proof to make their lie look true. I have met a lot of dishonest people in my life this is nothing new.  I have experienced this how people are like.

I would have preferred the prosecutor to ask me questions, I would have answered them, there's no problem in that. Tell the prosecutor to lay all the questions in front of me, the false statements, the lies said against me, even some of the truth they want to lay in front of me please tell them to go ahead I will answer them all..BUT..I will not answer it the way they say it, yes I will answer BUT not the way they say it, there will be a BUT in every answer I give. I will tell you why? When a question is thrown at you by the prosecutor sometimes it can be mixed with opinions, negativity and some truth in it, so they will throw these questions at you to further confuse you, to weaken you even though you're honest but all they want is to win the case that's all that matters to them, even if you're innocent. So I will answer their questions using the word BUT in every answer. Example: 'yes this did happen BUT not like that but like this.' I will just get to the point because at the end of the day you're going into the court room to say your honesty to say everything out openly. So  I will answer all the prosecutor's questions with honesty no matter what is thrown at me, if you're honest what have you got to lose. But when it's my turn to lay all the bundle of evidence in front of the prosecutor I will have questions to ask too and the prosecutor will have to answer to my questions too because that's what you call a fair trial right? And it's important questions that need to be asked and I will expect an answer from the prosecutor.

Going to a court room is no joke it should be taken seriously, it should be dealt with honesty. You're not going there to play with the justice system or waste court time. You go into that count room with confidence you speak the truth because honesty is the key to victory. If you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to worry about. 

If the prosecutor wants to mention my petition to court that I've opened online then they are most welcome to. I have already sent a copy of my petition to court for the Judge. It's all my honesty I ve put in my petition. I've also emailed every newspaper about my petition too. If the prosecutor wants to inform that to court too they are most welcome to.

Let me tell you something. There's a saying; If you lie things might look better for you in the beginning but later in life it ruins a person things go bad for them in life. But, if you tell the truth from the beginning things might not be better for you in the start but it will be better for you later in life a lot better. Just remember my words. Always be honest because you've got nothing to lose.

  I was also told by the officer that I have to sign a caution letter without reading what was written in it. By law I have a right to read the letter before signing it because I m an honest person I would never sign letters with lies in it. The police know very well what  they did was wrong they know about the laws more then me yet they continued to play around with the justice system. if I had signed the caution letter without reading what  was written in it, it could have caused me a lot of harm . 

This is why I had to go court I thought I would get justice there and put my evidence in front but the police made sure I couldn't do that either. And look at the game the lady solicitor played in court, she reads out my emails but not the full sentence of it she read only half the sentence to make it look threatening if she had read all the sentence my emails were NOT threatening at all. This educated solicitor has no shame she was dishonest to the Judge face to face she played around with the justice system to use and abuse it with her lies. How could she do this? The Judge put her trust in these educated people and look how they broke the Judge's trust. They all went to that length to ruin an innocent persons life that that they lied to the Judge too.

Even when I was at the police station the school Chair of Governor who is also a police officer took my keys to search my house. I wasn't surprised that the police department sent him after all I had evidence against the school so of course the school governor would get involved. Instead of picking up my lap top which he came for he goes into my bedroom and searches through my private confidential papers of the false allegations that my sister had made against me he wanted to use any information he can against me even though I was a victim of harassment. 

The school governor also came to search for the evidence I had against the school. But he failed to find the evidence. My husband is a witness. The Chair of Governor mentioned to my husband that I had lied about the school minutes that there was no lies in it. The Chair of Governor couldn't find the evidence so he said this thinking I didn't have it, but he was wrong I have the evidence of the minutes of the school meeting with the lies in it.

The Chair of Governor said negative things against me to my husband. The Chair of Governor also mentions to the other officer who was with him about me 'shall I look for more things against her'. The other officer replied, 'No leave it'.My husband is a witness to what the Chair of Governor had said. Before the Chair of Governor left my house he left a note by my TV stand with numbers of my sister's friends who harassed me in the past to show me. What was on the Chair of Governor's mind I have no idea but it seems to me he was trying to show me he can use my sister and her friends against me. What other reason was it for him to take this note out of my confidential papers in the bedroom and leave that note on my TV stand in the sitting room for me to see.

I knew straight away all the investigation was tampered with there's no doubt in that. When my husband caught the Chair of Governor in my bedroom, the Chair of Governor  panicked and lost his nerve he quickly came out of the room. The Chair of Governor also put a lie on the police  paper that nobody was home during the   search. My husband had come home and witnessed what the Chair of Governor had said and what he did.

Two days before the search, the Chair of Governor came to my house with the Community Support officer and damaged my front door by breaking my door handle. I was shocked how a Community Support officer was involved with the school Chair of Governor and let this happen. I had put in a complaint to the Inspector of all the incidents that happened at my sons school including the lies the school put in the minutes of the meeting, and also what the Chair of Governor did. The Inspector didn't reply back for a long time and when he did he gave the Chair of Governor a warning, and sent me a copy of the letter. Please note.

 God knows how many more victims are out there that these educated people have done similar things to. All the victims should come to me I will investigate their cases myself and I guarantee you I will have a bundle of evidence against  corrupt officers.

 Ask these officers, has money and luxury lives got to their heads  that they went to that length to ruin innocent people's lives. That they forgot about humanity. These officers have no shame. Well let me tell them something they should know there's a whole world out there who don't need people like them to ruin innocent people's lives, people are looking for good hearted people who care for others , who care about people's suffering, who care about humanity who don't ruin innocent people's lives. But these officers will never understand because they have no heart or remorse for their wrong actions on innocent people.

Not even one officer from the Birmingham police department has a heart to come forward and say what those officers involved did and the rest departments who harassed my son and me that it was not right but wrong. Not even one officer came forward they have no remorse whatsoever they just watched my son and me suffer.

When I mentioned to the officer regarding the evidence I have against the officers who did wrong their reply is 'no comment,' ' can't comment.' Of course when it comes to talking about the evidence against the officers who have committed the crimes the only way out for the officer to reply back is 'can't comment' what else can they say.

It's  a shame that I have to say this that  I am fighting my case alone because no one helped me . And Yes of course i m upset, I m hurt.Today I look down  at these officers involved, I find their status nothing, the trust I had for them is gone, the respect I had for them is gone. People are brainwashed all their lives thinking that the police are out there to help them but instead some officers just ruin innocent people's lives, and they have no remorse whatsoever.

Who can you trust? You can only trust God not people , because I ve learnt from my experience that people never help, they never do! Yes they will cause you grief and pain because that's what they are good at but they will never help.

As for the officers who were in the wrong for them money and luxury lives were more important not humanity. Gosh if I could have helped someone in need to me it's a blessing, because you get those people's blessings and prayers. But what would these officers understand about the prayers and blessings of the people you help that it's more valuabe then money can ever buy.

Just remember when we leave this world we won't be taking anything with us but our deeds. Money won't help nor will big mansion's or luxury lives of this world none of that will help you. You will take nothing with you but just your deeds if you've helped someone then yes you will take their prayers and blessings with you that's what will help. The ones that have ruined innocent people's lives what will they take with them what will they answer to God, what will they?

I m going to be honest with you there's two types of people I can't stand, one is a person who is dishonest and lies and the other is a person who home wrecks  and ruins innocent families lives, these are the two  types of people I don't mix with I stay away.

As for my son's Doctors who also played around with sons life and got rid of witness statements and left the negative lies in my sons health records. They also have no shame. My son's health records were tampered with and littered with lies. I have strong evidence.

When I wanted one of the doctors investigated I received a letter posted on recorded delivery from the surgery saying if I want the doctor investigated I have to fill in a third party consent form. The Surgery did not send me the third party consent form with the letter , just to delay the investigation. The surgery remembered to mention the consent form in the letter and remembered to post it on recorded delivery but they forgot to put the consent form in the envelope how can that be. These were the games the surgery were playing. My son then wrote a letter himself to the doctor. 

Two of the doctors were under investigation one of the doctors from Al-Shafa Medical Centre, in Aston Birningham  and the other doctor from Heathfield family centre, Handsworth Birmingham , but the General Medical Council in Manchester let them walk free. Even though I sent them strong evidence against the doctors, the Medical Council found it no crime for a doctor to get rid of witness statements and leave the negative lies against another specialist in my sons health records. They didn't even think of  the psychological damage caused to my sons health the people responsible ruined my son's life. And yet all the departments didn't investigate the incidents that happened to my son. Please note.

The investigation was on hold for weeks then I suddenly get a reply back, a weak reply back in a letter full of excuses in it from the General Medical Council, either the person who wrote it was pressurised to write it in such a way or he was clearly covering up for the doctors in the wrong, it's one or the other. After all the way the letter is written it clearly shows the person who wrote it knew what he was going to write obviously it was discussed before it was sent out because they wanted to save their back after I had mentioned to them I will be taking this matter to court they were worried  if the matter should reach court they won't be blamed for anything on their side. 

I read the letter and I noticed in some parts it's written in a way to make it look like I was making it all up, they wrote, 'you feel your sisters allegation is malicious'  when this was a fact,i sent them the malicious allegation of my sisters letter and where it was written it was malicious, they know .  This reminds me of the visit I made at the school to see the Deputy Head and when I mentioned  to the Deputy Head Teacher about my sons bullying issues and she replied, it's all  in your sons imagination. I was shocked to hear her response. Well she needs to know children dont imagine bullying, children do get bullied it's not an imaginary thing it's real and I have evidence to what happened to my son. I have witnesses and Witness statements.

These people are educated people yet they show themselves in front of people like they're  illiterate like they know nothing. Even the people who are not educated can tell what the doctors did was wrong and yet the Medical Council are blinded by the evidence in front of them. They try to make a fool out of me but I wasn't born yesterday. I know how all the departments play their games I ve experienced every department and what they did I've seen it with my own eyes I know. When I wanted to talk to the Manager of the General Medical Council over the phone and waited for the Manager to get back to me no one did. So what does this show? No one's bothered.

The General Medical Council didn't even have a heart to care about my son's welfare. They didn't think my son went through so much the people responsible damaged my son's health and ruined his life. They didn't even think to say, 'Ok look, you know what this innocent child's been through a lot, what happened to this child was tragic and it was wrong, he doesn't have a normal life anymore his health is damaged it wasn't fair the way this child was mistreated, we should look into this matter and investigate it,' but no they never even thought that, they were not bothered at all because it wasn't one of their family member this happened to why would they care. Well there's something  they should know, I didn't carry my son 9 months in my stomach for all these departments to ruin his life, but what would they understand.

These days it's only money, power and status that count not humanity. It's these three things that professional people respect more . Honesty means nothing to them. For money some of them would even sell their honour if they have to. Whether it's a Doctor or any other professional, if they ruin innocent people's lives no one will investigate it because of their status and what they earn.  What I have experienced I will say it out openly in public.

A Quote:

Gandhi once said;

'There's enough in this world for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed.'

I was also pressurised to sign an agreement form from the my son's school that I will not take any further action against the school this also meant regarding the school minutes with the lies in it and everything that happened to my son at the school,or else I was told by the Teacher at the Alternative Education centre  where my son was going to be referred to study that they won't take my son until I agree to sign the school agreement form. I still have the evidence of the letter. Please note.

I went to the MP for help and she was stopped to investigate my son's case I sent her evidence and she wrote a negative letter back to me without signing it which was odd. A few days later she writes another letter a positive one and signs it too which didnt make sense. At the end she also decided to cover up for the people who harmed my son. I have strong evidence against all the departments. This is why I was harassed many times. Please note.

I have also sent all the evidence to court because I have had enough of the harassment I received from all the departments. The departments are taking advantage of my wrongful conviction and false allegations made against me and made a malicious visit to my house last year just to add more lies to their files.The police officers and the rest departments have made my life a living hell. I have had enough.

I have now sent all the evidence to Birmingham Criminal justice review department where they investigate any miscarriage of Justice. This needs to be investigated. But even this department hasn't replied back to me either. I had to call them myself to inquire about my case.

The BBC Radio and the Sun Newspapers are also aware of my story. I have sent them the evidence too. And if God is willing justice will be served. I will never give up fighting for what's right.

I am also an Author I have written a book online called 'Justice' a tragic story  it's on Amazon and Kindle. Since my book is out half the professionals involved who did wrong to my son have left their jobs. My son and I got no justice for what happened to us. The people responsible have ruined my son's  life and all of my family's life they caused harm to our lives by adding lies in our health records.

I lost my mother in the month of Ramadan I couldn't even grieve for her in peace because these departments caused me so much grief. They have no remorse of their wrong actions on innocent people. I have no peace in my life. My son and I were victims of harassment by all the departments we had to leave our town and move away. I am devastated because no one helped and what I have experienced I have lost trust. As far as I'm concerned this case will never close it will remain open because of the seriousness of the crimes committed by these departments. They all covered up for the people who harmed my son. 

In my life whoever I have seen commit crimes have all got away with it. Is this the Justice system today the ones that commit crimes are walking out there free and the ones that are innocent and wrongly convicted of a crime end up with a criminal record, that ruins their lives. I want answers that no ones giving me. What's going on in this world?

Know what people say about me they say,, 'there's the woman who has seen so much tragic in her life', everyone knows what I've been through in my life. But all the tragc that I've  seen in  life it's made me a stronger person . I've stayed strong for my son i never gave up.


(An Urgent Update)⬇️⬇️


With impunity a number of UK Prosecutors routinely violate their oaths and the law, committing the worst kinds of deception in the case. 

These rogue Prosecutors comprise of established criminal barristers and crown prosecution case workers who prosecute by distorting the facts, hiding / withholding evidence and manipulating the court process. Justice is not the issue, they do it only to win. They do it because they can and know they won't get punished.

Investigating malfeasance on the part of prosecutors we researched several recent high profile cases and documented the prosecutors' misconduct that denied the accused fair trials. There is a growing number of exonerated persons who were wrongly convicted due at least in part, to prosecutorial misconduct.

The conduct has been described as ranging from disgraceful to perverting the course of justice to outright lying.

(Maybe I should give these people a call regarding my wrongful conviction.)


A Reminder;

A verse from the Islamic book:

The prophet was once asked:

"When is the last Hour? (Day of judgement)"

The reply was:

"When honesty is lost, then wait for the hour."

The question then asked:

"How would honesty be lost?"

The Prophet replied:

*When the power or authority comes in the hands of unfit persons, then wait for the Hour." 

(Very true words from the Prophet. This is what's happening in the world today. Dishonesty is spreading like germs no one sticks to honesty anymore)

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