A vision for Kashmir is a vision for all of Pakistan

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In 1947, the basic principle for the division of British Ruled India was that Majority Muslim Areas would go with Pakistan. On this same principle, Punjab and Bengal were divided.


1948 UN Security Council passed a resolution regarding Kashmir which was against the above principle - that is why it鈥檚 still not implemented and contentious to date. In the resolution for example; Jammu & Ladakh would also go with Pakistan, which is not Muslim majority areas. This was against the basic principle, against logic, and against reality. So continuing to insist on the UN 1948 resolution has not actually solved anything for the past 71 years. Whoever approves and continues to support this resolution is living in foolishness.


The world has not been able to solve this issue; Pakistan should stop begging and instead take action:

  1. Pakistan should integrate about 100,000 km虏 in Kashmir (Gilgit-Baltistan 72,000 km虏 + Azad Kashmir 12,000 km虏 + Srinagar 16,000 km虏) as 5th Province of Pakistan through a Constitutional Amendment. This will give Pakistan the legal right to materially help Kashmiris and give an identity to Kashmiris as Pakistani.
  2. Pakistan should immediately sever every relationship with India until India leaves Srinagar Valley (about 16,000 km虏) OR accepts referendum in Srinagar Valley under UNO.




Complete Details:- http://www.visionforpakistan.com/stand-with-kashmir.html

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