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Transgender Equality

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As much as it sounds unbelievable, the truth is that transgender people exist and they go through a lot of hardships. The sad part is that most of their hardships are due our society which does not readily accept them. Unfortunately, for them, they did not have a choice, god had made them like this and so we need to learn to respect them because everyone was made equal and they deserve to be just as equal as us.

One would think that in this day and age, harassment against transgender would be decreasing, but it deeply saddens me that in fact, it is increasing, making the need for awareness vital.

We need a change, and that is not just an opinion, it is a fact. Change starts now, by you signing this petition. Human rights campaign will be notified if you do this petition. So stand up with us, together so that we bring a change in our society.

And as always, thanks for reading : )

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