Tamilnadu Police dept: Need Justice for vandalism and violence by TN Police department

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This petition is a unanimous voice of Tamil people all around the globe against the explicit show case of the brutality by Tamil Nadu police department against humanity.
On January 23- 2017, millions of people in Tamilnadu (which includes entire millennials of tn, kids, women, senior citizens, differently-abled, etc.,) were protesting peacefully in various parts of the state favoring Jallikattu - a bull-taming game which promotes preserving native breeds. Numerous video proofs are available online for these charges. The protest is popularly knows as Pro-Jallikattu protest.
The facts and pros about the sport are well-known to everyone in the nation. Even the government supported the sport and had a law-suit against, so called Animal welfare organisation PETA. The protest took place peacefully for 6 days. What happened on the 7th day is unacceptable cruelty by the police department on innocent people. Police misused their power extremely.
Students, ladies, senior citizens were lathi charged irrespectively without mercy. It went to the extreme that a lady got aborted during the charge! It is also believed that one male is dead because of the charge.
On top of that, Police broke out as beasts, breaking public and private properties.
-Videos evidences shows the police burnt 2 Auto rickshaws and a hut.
-They broke several 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers that were parked on the road sides.
-Even they broke-in to few houses and lathi charged them.
-They threw big stones on people, houses and on vehicles.
- Fishermen community was attacked brutally in their area itself.
Again, there are solid video proofs for all the above.

Facts and rumours on the police atrocities:
-It is a general view that Police did this to threaten students and youngsters so that, they wouldn't protest again and stand-up for their rights.
-There is a rumour prevailing that Sasikala ordered police dept to agitate violence so that CM paneer selvam will not get the credits for lift of ban on jallikattu and the government will be dissolved.
-It is also said that government put the pressure on police dept to clear the crowd to celebrate republic day on Jan 26th on the beach where people were protesting. (To back this fact, the republic day celebration arrangements started the next day the violence happened! PS: Republic day is to celebrate people. For whom are they are going to celebrate republic day clearing people by violence?? where is Gandhi?!)
-DGP S.George stated that, police did lathi charge aiming some anti-social elements in the crowd.

Actions needed:
-Police dept and state government are accountable for all the sufferings by innocent civilians and punished as per the law.
-People need to know the reason behind the unnecessary vandalism by police burning private properties. What is the motive?
-Citizens are shocked to see the psychotic behavior of police dept to whom we have given guns and other dangerous weapons, which shouldn't be used on civilians. It has to be revoked from lower-level officers. (There were 2 sightings of gun shooting on busy places of chennai)
-The unlimited power given to police over the civilians should be reduced in case of physical violence.
-Need compensation for the vandalism on private properties.

At the end of the day, Police are normal citizens too, sworn in to protect law and people, not to protect the politicians and harm innocent people!
We are deeply hurt both physically and mentally. We don't need an apology, we need justice!

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