Stop forced marriage in Burkina Faso

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I think that this topic is very important, as many young women and children as young as 12 years old are forced, without consent, into marriage in Africa and many other countries. There are many websites that deal with this topic, however, the website I will be using is Amnesty International UK. In Africa, women are forced into marriage, and manipulated into thinking that they have no human rights- this is extremely disobeying article: 1,4,19, and 28, however, there are a few more that link up in a more subtle way than others. Some ways of being forced into marriage are being abused, tortured, beaten and abducted. Some women who were affected even explained how they felt like the animals were being treated better than them, which is no way anyone should be treated. One woman, in particular, said how her two uncles forced her into marriage, while another woman stated how she was beaten whenever her family sent her back to her forced husband, until finally she decided that this was definitely not right, and tried to run away, until she was beaten again by her husbands family in Burkina Faso.