stop child labor

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 It  has come to our attention that we need  to stop child labor . There are many young children from as young as 5 years old to 17 years old dealing  everyday with the cruel and hard work that's never good enough for people to let the young children live a normal life . 

Child labor takes a big affect on countries like Africa and central america were they are not  as wealthy as north america. Lots of children are taken or sold into child labor the boys and girls are mostly around the ages of 5-17  most girls are forced to  become a house worker doing maid things such as cooking cleaning or even planned marriage . While others are used for sexual activities such as pornography and etc . There's even kids that are being taught how to smuggle , sell or even make drugs for a living with no school or parents . Most of the time these kids will be abused if not done what they were supposed to do correctly . They may be starved or not given the proper care the need to keep up with themselves  . 

There is about 152 million victims of child labor, half of them between the ages of 5-11 most of them are in or brought illegal  Africa. 4.3 million children are in child labor for debt bondage, slavery and commercial sexual exploit on. Boys do 63% of this work meanwhile girls are unknown because most girls due to “hidden” work forms.The hours that children work for are between 10-15 hours . Alejandra from Usulután , EL Salvador wakes up and takes cigarettes to keep her awake and goes to the bus.She doesn't waste time eating breakfast or showering and she sleeps in her work clothes.She works in a small island where she collects curies (a type of shell) and if she is lucky she can earned  $1.40 in USA and 12 in El Salvador if she brings two buckets of curie may be bought and sold into pornography , marriage and slavery . HTTP:// 

What children are sold for  gold , charcoal , diamonds , emeralds, coal . Children can be sold  as slaves for as little as $37 in Africa countries such as Ghana.  30 million children live outside their birth increasing their risk of being trafficked for sexual exploitation and other work   . Trafficked children are often subjected to violence , abuse and other human rights violations , and some may be forced to break the laws . For girls the threat of sexual exploitation's looms large , while boys may be exploited by armed forces or groups  according to