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Karen Peralta started this petition to Human Rights Campaign

In my opinion, it’s too early to say, the rise of reported bullying cases is a consequence of the reporting requirements of the law.  Bullying cases is rampant, however, it remain under reported prior to the anti-bullying act. This is understandable, since no parents or even school administration would like his/her family or school to be famous because of bullying.

Schools, however, to mitigate the effects and reduce the incidence of bullying, should comply with the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Anti-bullying law of 2013 to address the root causes of bullying.  And the important ones, aside from the reporting requirements, are as follows:

Schools to have prevention program that is comprehensive, multi-faceted, and shall involve all education stakeholders and personnel. This may contain:Positive school climate/environment
Periodic assessment and monitoring of bullying behaviors
Periodic review of manual of conduct for both students and personnel, in relation to bullying
Activities on the issue for students, personnel and service providers
Personnel development
Coordination with LGUs and other stakeholders
Classroom initiatives
Activities involving parents
Schools to have intervention programs to ensure continuity of policies. These may include:Activities
Corrective and preventive, rather than punitive, measures
Students have a duty to intervene to protect the victim, unless the same jeopardizes their safety/security
The Child Protection Committee (CPC) established by DepEd Order 40 shall also be the Anti-Bullying Committee
Composition of Committee:School Head/Admin-Chair
Guidance Counselor/Teacher-Vice Chair
Rep of teachers designated by faculty
Rep of parents as designated by PTA
Rep of students, except in kinder, as designated by student council-optional for private schools
Rep from community as designated by Punong Barangay, preferably from the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC)
Jurisdiction for complaints of bullying and other acts under the IRR: exclusive: DepEd or private school and not subject to barangay settlement
Procedures must include:Immediate responses-ANYONE who has personal knowledge must immediately call the attention of ANY school personnel
School personnel once notified is expected to intervene:Stop the bullying immediately
Remove students from harm and provide medical attention if needed
Bring the bully to the Guidance Office or designated personnel
Anonymous reporting to be entertained
Person reporting to be afforded protection
Fact-finding and documentation:Designated school official to:Interview parties involved separately
Assess threat level, devise intervention strategies
Inform parents of both parties of the steps to be taken
Make recommendations to CPC
CPC to determine the intervention programs for parties involved.
Schools may refer parties to trained professionals outside the school
Disciplinary measures must be according to nature, gravity of the bullying and attendant circumstances
Due process must be observed
Community service may be a form of punishment if the same is in the rules and regulations of the school
CPC supervises the intervention programs
On due process:Student and his parents to be informed IN WRITING of the complaint
Student to be given the opportunity to answer with assistance of parents/guardians
Decision of the school head shall be IN WRITING, stating the basis thereof
School head’s decision may be appealed to Division Office of DepEd
False accusation of bullying also to be sanctioned
Bullying incidents are confidential and breach thereof by school 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!