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Spread Awareness about Online Harassment

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The Internet changes with stunning rapidity the modes of communication throughout human society, giving rise to new problems as well as immense opportunities for democratizing educational, commercial and social opportunity. Forms of communication we call "social networking" allow individuals to speak directly to multitudes, and allow multitudes to speak back. This empowers wrong-doers, as well as everyone else. 

Recently, much attention has centered on online harassment. It is a phenomenon that can take a variety of forms: name-calling, trolling, doxing, open and escalating threats, vicious sexist, racist, and homophobic rants, attempts to shame others, and direct efforts to embarrass or humiliate people. While some accept online harassment as a nuisance, others face situations that prompt them to take serious action and precautions, because of online harassment 8% closed their social media account, 26% changed their privacy settings, 21% lost friends, 25% changed their relationships with friends, and some of them commit suicide, they don't want to end their lives, they just want to end the pain they're feeling.  

This campaign aims to spread awareness or inform people in our nation about online harassment. We all know that many people are bullying/harassing one person or maybe group of persons. It may be your friends, family members, or your special someone. We are informing you, so you will help top stop this problem. Be aware of what is happening in our community.


Lets respect one another, Lets love one another/


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