Rise for humanity

Rise for humanity

March 11, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Human being

This petition is against the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act 2019.

This Act goes against the very constitution of India which always ensured that its citizens were allowed to follow any faith, belief or religion and never stand discriminated against. This new act now allows migrants from three neighbouring countries of India- Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who can prove their residency prior to 2015, to be granted citizenship of India.  However the catch is that the act allows such citizenship to only people of certain religious beliefs while discriminating against other excluded religions including Islam.

It makes religion as a test for citizenship for a secular nation.

By passing this law, the Indian government has not only made official their religious discriminatory view, but have also taken concrete steps in spreading hatred and Islamophobia worldwide.

Furthermore the repression executed by the powers that be in India to suppress dissent against the act is disturbing and barbaric. Tens of people have died, thousands arrested many on fabricated stories created by the administration and internet stopped at willregularly.

In Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia University and JNU in India, protesting students have faced brutal retribution from the Police at the clear direction of the government. And dissent in India widespread in prestigious universities and colleges, at village square or at town centre by youth of diverse religions is being controlled by brute force, by threats of career or life threatening action and by wide implementation of Section 144 which disallows more than four people to be protest together. Many students are under custody and as per media reports are being regularly tortured.

In the largest province of the country, Uttar Pradesh, Police induced violence and brutality is breaking all norms. To create divisions and hate, Muslim neighborhoods are being specifically targeted for official vandalism and destruction, even for Police directed firing which has resulted in many deaths. This continues unended.

Furthermore the leadership of the country is not stopping at this but doubling down in their hateful agenda by the proposed changes in National Population register (NPR) followed by the draconian National registry of Citizenship (NRC) which like the Nazi Germany of the 20th century will require residents to prove their place of birth to claim citizenship. Already based on the faulty implementation of NRC in the North East province of Assam, India has proclaimed close to 1.9 million people as non-citizens who are being put in detention centers which are being built at furious pace.

1.9 million is not just 5% of Canada’s population but in reality is 1,900,000 humanswho have no country to go to!  As real data shows, this segregation is mainly on religious grounds with the majority of these people being Muslims and also have a few other things in common- they are mostly POOR, ILLITERATE/ UNDER EDUCATED and VOICELESS. Ones who will now suffer in perennial hatred and misery due to the oppressive regime!

Imagine when that spreads India wide with millions and millions being discriminated against based on their inability to have any documents to show! Or perhaps as widely feared and rightly so, on religious grounds!

It is important for world citizens and believers of humanity to ensure that the world remains secular, liberal and stands truly against bigotry. If we do not stand now, this hatred will spread like wildfire and destroy the fabric of countries who believe in love and acceptance.

In times of crisis like this, we as proud, liberal, Canadians and world citizens stand and request our Parliament and our political leaders to stand with us and take the requisite action to debate the issue in Parliament and to ask India to change their stance and withdraw this discriminating Act. They must also discuss plans to ensure that such hate does not spread worldwide specially in our beloved Canada.

We would request our honorable Member of Parliament and our political leaders irrespective of their political preferences to speak out in unison against this as true Canadians in Parliament, at world bodies and directly to India and ask India to stop hate. Here and now!

Your stern and clear action will go a long way to in keeping this world a safe, lovable and peaceful place.

We request concerned citizens and secular citizens who believe in fighting any kind of discrimination based on religion, class, color, caste, gender or sexual preferences to stand UNITED and fight together and sign this petition.

It is time to rise and enable for future generations, a history that they deserve than what bigots desire

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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