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Requesting Health Canada to recognize Breast Implant Illness after allowing these devices!

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There are millions of woman out there today who have had or are having allergic reactions to their breast implants. Otherwise known as silicone toxicity or ASIA (Autoimmune Syndrome Induced Adjuvants). This is causing several autoimmune disturbances/issues/conditions and neurological issues. Some reactions are very severe. One thing for certain is there are many symptoms to breast implant illness and they are cumulative and extremely debilitating with time. 

I am one of them. A mother of five, including twins. After nursing all of my babies, I sought out for, in the end what would become the worst decision in my life, breast implants. They tell us they are safe. Medical grade devices. Imagine!! They don’t tell us the rest. I’ve gone from being an athlete to now, almost bedridden. Lifting the heaviest battle ropes with extremely high intensity workouts, to barely being able to hold my coffee cup, in just 6.5 years time. I explant in October. 

There is a whole community of woman on social media, who are fighting back. We won’t be silenced or encouraged to keep this to ourselves. This is an epidemic. It’s criminal, that we are not being recognized by Health Canada. The nature of this subject leaves us vulnerable as we may feel shame, guilt or embarrassment. Or even worse, judgement. 

We are your sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers and aunts. Some of us are breast cancer survivors. We are all warriors of survival. 

We need to take power over woman's health. Breast implant illness is a bigger issue than just health. It’s a societal mess. We are woman who are not taken seriously. Some of us are excused as being hormonal. All the while trying to sort out many unexplained health issues, ultimately leading to explant. If this illness is recognized, there could be a potential for further research. Most importantly, an awareness, so the dots can be connected and these devices become obsolete!!

We could save woman from dying, as some eventually succumb to all of their symptoms. 

Please sign this petition for much needed mercy as we navigate this life changing process. Health Canada needs to recognize Breast Implant Illness after allowing these toxic bags to be marketed as "safe medical grade" devices!!