Recognise the efforts of Immigrants in making America Great

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Recognise the efforts of Immigrants in making America Great

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Anu Peshawaria started this petition to Human Rights Campaign

There are many immigrants particularly those from China and india who have complied with all immigration formalities . The law allows them to continue working on extended H-1B visas while they wait legally in the United States. The only thing they were asked to do patiently is wait in line for their turn . This issue impacting more than 1.5 million high-skilled immigrants who are currently stuckin decades long green card backlog.

These high-skilled immigrants, many with advanced degrees in STEM, have followed
all the laws, paid taxes and contributed significantly to the United States, but are victims of 50 year old immigration laws.Discriminatory per country caps in allocation of immigrant visas have severely impacted their lives, careers, and families.

In spite of having approved immigrant petitions, these immigrants are being subjected to at least a 70 year wait just to adjust their status as legal permanent residents

In the name of protecting US workers they are trying to send these skilled workers home to wait for their green cards with no guarantee of return. Earlier they imposed travel bans aimed at Muslims for no fault of a particular religion and now they are depriving skilled workers on H-1B visas to remain in their jobs and contribute to the United States.This has continued to add not just uncertainty and insecurity in lives of the high-skilled immigrants and their families, including children, but also affecting the competitiveness and innovative culture America is known for.

Why are they trying to destabilize the immigration system? Countries like Canada have started welcoming the super smart & hard working engineers. A lot of top companies in Silicon valley will be forced to move to Canada, india, China , Europe, El Salvador, Mexico , Spain , Australia or Phillipines. We have to stop this otherwise thousands will be stranded and US economy will suffer.

We sincerely request you to take our plight into consideration, become our champion, and clear the green card backlog. To clear the backlog, Congress can take multiple actions such as eliminating per country caps from employment based immigrant visas, recapture wasted visas, remove counting of dependents of primary applicant from employment based category within the same pool, or temporarily increase proportion of employment based green cards. Congress already has a huge consensus on some of these proposals and 300+ cosponsors for the bills such as HR-392 reflects such bi-partisan support.

Besides the above issue there is a huge issue about the Dreamers Act as well as the TPS status for El Salvador which requires complete re-evaluation as we should recognise the value of what we have today than repent later once we have lost everything ! These people are not criminals , if they are criminals please by all means throw them out after they are proved guilty .

In the interest of American tradition that we stand for we need to take steps to salvage the situation and stand by those that are law abiding orherwise no one will trust America again! A few dedicated immigration attorneys from AILA are doing their best to avert this debacle. On behalf of AiLA and all the Human Right organisations around the world we wish to express dissatisfaction at the current trend to destabilise the community.

I urge the establishment to kindly reevaluate. We have complete faith in the current establishment , the USCIS, EOiR , Court of appeals as well the Supreme Court of United States of America.

Please post your comments and questions to Anu Peshawaria, Attorney at Law , Member American Immigration Bar Association

Contact Info or email to or text on 5106745286. She can also be reached via Twitter @anuattorneylaw & on Facebook as Anu Peshawaria.


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This petition had 215 supporters

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