Rapist must be hanged to save daughters of India !

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Day to day, childs are getting raped brutally and killed. Is this what India want? It's happening from long time and not stopped after kathua rape protest, again 2 child's 9 and 10 year old raped and murdered in chhattisgarh.

Today in Indore, 8 Months** old baby of balloon seller family got raped and murdered after stoling her and whose family where sleeping at platform with her.Is this the freedom given to our babies, childrens, girls of India?

Beast in India are growing day to day because of leaving them unpublished for their crimes.

Just arresting them and getting released after few days or year won't stop these beasts.

The rapes are happening because the laws and punishment is not severe. So the person who commit rape are doing courageously. Their courage must be broken. One should get afraid of committing rape again.

So please kindly pass the law for raping minors as well as majors to death sentence and should be hanged immediately.

Please bring it as soon as possible, delaying each hour will give you news of an another rape.

Brother who cares sisters.