Proving Juan Reyes's Innocence

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On Dec. 7th, 1995, our lives changed forever. On this day my brother was indicted for murder, a crime he did not commit. He has currently served 22 years in prison and proving his innocence has been difficult. He refuses to go against his beliefs, morals, and values to state he is guilty for crimes he did not commit. He's been claiming his innocence ever since. 

Being accused with “Guilty by Association” and popularity should not substantiate you with a life sentence. In addition, he voluntarily walked in to testify for what had occurred on November 6th 1995, passing the polygraph, despite three witnesses that stated he was not the shooter and another that recanted his statement, he was still wrongfully convicted. If guilty, why throw yourself into the lion’s den. Furthermore, he has continued serving his years with good conduct, earning a G.E.D., and building his resume to become a better individual to his family and his community.
Although, he has been kept from his family, mother (chronic asthmatic), father (deceased), grandparents (deceased), siblings, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles and cousins, Juan continues to fight for his freedom. Being a victim himself, unlike others who get to mourn surrounded by love and support, he had to silently mourn his loved ones alone in a cell.
Amongst those that believe Juan is innocent, besides family and friends, are a law school professor, his trial attorney that remains by his side after all these years. Helping him fight for his freedom. Unfortunately, the system has failed again. Today I ask for everyone, to please sign this petition. Submit support letters so that he can be freed and justice can finally be served. My sincere condolences go out to the victim’s family but let us not yell out “Victory”, until the true murderer has been found!