Please we do need your support for a family seperated with thousand of miles 2 be together

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Dear sir
I want to thanks praise and count on your signature to sign our petition.
I'm Farjallah El Abed from Lebanon i met my wife Sara for 4 years ago and we have a kid called Karim he has 3 years old.i'm a registered nurse and i work in this domain in a hospital.
I met my wife over the internet i was the nurse who take cares of her father that had a surgery of throat after a neck and throat cancer in the year 2012 she used to contact me to check out on her father  and through days we have been moved to a next level in our relationship and we have got married.she lives in Europe in Finland and that's why we get well known over the internet.
I applied for a residence to move to Finland with a family reunion in the year 2014 and after a year i've got rejected and denied from access to Finland. And every time and in every small chance we tried to change this situation we’ve got failed to be together, 
she came to Lebanon but she couldn't live in Lebanon because in hand the authorities here are not providing us any sources of good living i don't have a small apartment  for example, and in the securities issues we don't have a real secure life and even not amended the basics of the daily life necessity from medical insurance to the low incomes etc.. in the other hand she has two kids from an ex-marriage and she couldn't leave them because she has their custody their father don't want them to live with.
I ask you please to help us or if you know anything we can do with this family matter we are destroyed depressed threatened by life and Orders of unjust, unfair authorities conditions each other live alone away thousands of miles separated us, Karim everyday is crying and yelling wants me and this affect his mental and psychological health state not just him we are too affected by this laws.
Sorry and my apologies for this long message and I'll appreciate your coordination and help 
Sincerely yours.