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Please help us get back to our country - Denmark

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Hello everyone, my name is Karina Olsen, i'm 18 years old. My little brother is Katani Olsen, and he's 16 years old. We're Danish, but we'd been live here in Vietnam ever since we were born. We cannot go to school for the past 8 years, our mother tried to make us Vietnam's citizenship to help us return to school but they want us to pay thousands of dollars. My mom is very weak now, so she can't make that much money. Our mom and dad been separation since i was 4. My mom had raised us alone without received any help or child support from my dad. In recent years, our dad get in touch with us, he said that he want us back to Denmark with him and that he will change us new passports, buy us plane tickets. We was so happy, because if we go back, we can go to school again. But after he renew our passports, he just keep delayed the plan and made up excuses, he even despised and insulted us for asking help from OUR OWN FATHER, he said that we are gold diggers. I felt so hurt by his words, so i cut connections with him. We had also send alot of letters to the Denmark Embassy in Vietnam, hope that they will help us go back to Denmark, but they never reply. If we're not going back to our country soon, then we will lost our Denmark nationality for good. If that happen, where will we belong to? Right now i'm very confuse and worry for our future, we want to return to our country, why Denmark abandoned us? I'm written down all this, hoping that everyone who see this can help us send this story to anyone who know how to help, or even report this to the embassy in Denmark for us. So that we can return to our country, go back to school. You guys are our last hope, please help me sign and share this story. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

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