Online debate between Nagaland Chief Minister and Dr. Pankaj Gupta

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There have been so much heated talk about the allegations made by Dr.Pankaj Gupta through a YouTube video stating that the Nagaland government is trying to make a profit from the COVID 19 by spreading it all over the state and get a fund from the Central govt. Dr.Pankaj had challenge the Nagaland Govt for an online debate but the Nagaland Govt asked Dr.Pankaj for his documents of qualifications and degree. Who needs a documents of qualifications and degree for online debate? 

The people wants to know what white is white and black is black. If the Nagaland Govt is firm with its stand that the allegations made by Dr.pankaj is false,they should held an online debate so that every citizen can understand and reveal the true color. 

If anything happens to Dr.Pankaj prior to online debate the Govt should be held responsible.