NO to Creation/election of BOD - HOA

NO to Creation/election of BOD - HOA

March 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chrisma Mare Dy

Unit owners who voted NO for BOD/HOA have their reasons. Please refer to the bullets below:

Majority of the residents of Northdale Villas Timalan Balsahan Naic Cavite are not in favor of HOA/BOD creation. Please refer to the bullets that we have :


Meralco Posts are not yet implemented/ erected - Majority of the unit owners here in Northdale Villas are still using the issued submeter as “temporary electric consumption” and have been waiting for their Meralco Meters for YEARS.
-        Who will initiate our applications for meralco that we already paid?

-        Who will supply the “temporary” electric supply to unit owners that are depending on the submeter?

-        Who will answer the formal complaint raised to ERC regarding the issued FAKE submeter?


Standpipes for Phase1 - NOT yet installed and unit owners pay for the delivered water for Php600 deposit and Php300 monthly for their water supply from the developer.

Drainage - clogged drainage in service areas, majority of unit owners suffers from it specially that rainy season will occur anytime soon.

Roofing Issues - this has been long overdue issues that was raised previously to the Operations manager of Peakland Engineer Lucas “bubot” Viñas. We have collated ALL the unit owners that have roofing issues and send it to them but still nothing happens. Please refer to Annexes for reference of communication

Temporary Security fence in service area WITHOUT Construction Bond- this was previously requested due to the burglar activities in Northdale Villas. Numerous incidents but the security and developer were nonchalant about it. The temporary fence that we are requesting is to at least prevent the burglar from easy access to the unit owners.

Unfinished Security fences/ walls - Walls that they started are left unfinished, as per Engineer Francis Gadon they do not have the itinerary of construction as to when they will finish what they have started. 

Construction barracks - This facility of the developer is for the constructions and/or worker ONLY of the developer hence this has become the small community for them that leads to chaos everytime that they will have petty quarrels within them. Also, we were in doubt that they are the responsible individuals for the burglar activities here in Northdale Villas.
Burglar activities - there are series of events of unit owners experiencing burglar and theft issues which has already escalated to the developer to impose NO CASH BOND for temporary security fence. Apparently decline because developers will not earn money from it.

Other facilities - basketball courts, multi-purpose hall, street lights and the like

Garbage collections and fees - Who will shoulder these expenses?

Unresponsive POC’s of the developer - everytime that the unit owners will raise their concerns it takes more than just a while to take actions for their concerns in their unit.


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Signatures: 59Next Goal: 100
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