NO CURE ~ MND!! We need to STOP the pain and suffering of this heart wrenching disease.

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When you have a loved one that has a debilitating disease like MND (Motor Neurone Disease) which has NO CURE, NO POSITIVE OUTCOME only to watch people being trapped within their own body in severe pain and suffering.

Eventually the muscles deteriorate to no function at all, so within time you can’t eat or drink to keep yourself nourished or hydrated. You can’t move because of the pain and you become bed bound waiting for your respiratory system to stop working so you can die.

I’ve watched my dad deteriorate since his diagnosis in October 2018 and recently it has become rapid to where he doesn’t even know we are there. He constantly asks if we can get the Doctors to give him something so he can go to heaven now, so he doesn’t have to keep suffering every day over and over again.

We are humans and we have a voice and we need to be heard to stop the pain and suffering of patients with the evil disease of MND. That the use of Euthanasia should be strongly considered at the end of life when there is NO CURE!! 

Please help me and support Euthanasia for the people of a Motor Neurone Disease... 

Together we can make a change!!