kids place is with parents, To Sweden Social, Stop taking children from their parents.

kids place is with parents, To Sweden Social, Stop taking children from their parents.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Ekram Almomani

This Petition is for the Sweden government and the Social,
When refugees escape war, they do it to save their children and take them to a place with peace and security!
Unfortunately, instead of comforting them and providing them with security, the state takes their children away.
I am very disappointed in the fact that a newborn baby was taken from his mother 5 minutes after being born! Are these the human rights that these countries espouse? No government should be able to seize children from their parents!
This country must educate newcomers about their laws and legislation! It doesn’t make sense that children were seized from their parents who have just arrived to a new country with no language and orientation about its law and order.
Sweden shows how cold and heartless they can be!
The best place for children is with their parents, period.
We start a movement to demand that the Swedish government return these children to their parents.

We demand the international community to demand an investigation about the Social system in Sweden that is given  the authority to take kids from their parents without investigating the report they receive. they also took children without giving them the chance to say good by to their parents. The parents were left in shock and confusion. 

If new parents(refugees) are not following the country's upbringing method, then the authority should teach and train them instead of taking their kids.

Parents should be able to practice their culture and religion and should not be forced to change them. The actions of assimilating people has failed in many countries and caused inter generational trauma. So please leave people live their lives in peace with out interfering with their cultural and believes practice.

Canadian Arabs, and Arabs everywhere, are concerned and sadden by what is occurring to their brothers and sisters kids in Sweden.

In Arab culture we value our family, and our kids even more, and no matter what happens we will not give up our kids to other people to raise them up.

As a mother myself, I was disturbed when I saw the mothers in Sweden who lost their kids to the social.

We appreciate if you reconsider the legislation that give the social the authority to take kids from their families.


Thank you

- a concerned parent



571 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!