Justices for madhav

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Recently a event happened in AMITY UNIVERSITY NOIDA. This petition is to deliver justice to the victim MADHAV who is in ICU due sever internal bleeding. Just because of a so called feminist KOMAL KUMAR. SHE bring 20-25 goons to fight two inocent boys and beaten up them ridiculously. She didn't stop here only then she filed a FIR claiming herself as victim and registered a fake case of molestesion against boys. These kind of fake feminists needs to be behind the bars. Why it's always that BOYS are guilty until they have proven innocent and girls are innocent untill they are proven guilty. Law is same for all but there is a bisasedness towards Males in these kinds of situation. This petition is to raise voice against fake feminism and feminists which is spreading like a cancer in our society. There are no. Of instances of fake rape and molestation cases every day. Please I request you all to sign and share this petition.