Justice for Maha Almutairi

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Abolish Article 198 From Kuwait's Penal Code 

Article 198 criminalizes “imitations” of the opposite sex and is used to limit gender expression by the LGBTQ community with fines and imprisonment. Furthermore, it allows authorities to persecute and abuse transgender women according to Human Rights Watch in the State of Kuwait, thus it must be abolished.

Maha Almutairi

She is the first transgender Kuwaiti women to talk about how they treat LGBTQ people in Kuwait. She has been put in men's jail multiple times for her identity (being a transgender woman) and was raped, sexually assaulted, physically abused, and beaten by the police. She was threatened if she speaks out about it they would imprison her again. Please do not let her name go down in vain. #JusticeForMahaAlmutairi.

Maha Almutairi is currently unable to leave kuwait as kuwaiti authorities ban her from doing so, because she was charged with cases such as cross-dressing and "imitating the other sex". Maha is NOT safe. we demand to know more details about grounds of her judgment and allow her to leave kuwait since she is demonized for being a member of the LGBTQ community. Finally, we request a formal investigation to the incident of her unjust detention and hold the police officers accountable for misconduct and abuse of power if proven guilty.

Nouf, also known as "Nofocaty" is one of Maha's friends, and she is another transgender woman in Kuwait who was tortured, raped by the police, and imprisoned in men's prison repeatedly since 2014. She took her life away earlier in 2020 after getting out of jail where she was brutally assaulted. The Kuwaiti media did not report her story and tried to cover it up, so I ask all of you the free people of the world please support them you are their voice.


“No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” – Martin Luther King Jr.