"#justice for kamini a girl of 12 year got raped by a rapists".

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Here the problem is that, the vote counts, the planning & re-planning of striking the enemies, the game of politics, the truth of some spiritual baba & his sex rackets, a dictator and his tantrums, about how we are letting some assholes terrorize world peace and what more?!!!!!
"Kamini" a girl,who is just 12 years old. In the age of twelve she was suppose to go to school. But she was raped by a "rapists..!" How come it is soo easy to the person who is willing to spoil her life who is just 12. Not only kamini let us go back (in 2017 our zainab, asifa and many more lil girls who got raped at very young age) do you guyss feel proud at this moment??
We should feel shame on such cases.
Kamini was staying with her parents in channod (vapi)(gujarat). As She was new to vapi.
On 28-9-2018 she got raped ..! And there was no news in media and no one was ready to take a stand for her. Why??is this our india? Is this our government???
Is this the only thing left for the girls?
Are girls born to get raped ?
In past the girls were aborted because she was a girl or the second thing dowry...
Now they will get aborted because they may be raped...
When is this cycle going to stop? Join hands and come forward to get justice... We are not going to stay quiet any more....

Let us join our hands together and demand death penalty for rapists.
We request the supreme court and the government to impose such new laws which can be more and more safer for girls.
We the youngsters request you to impose "Saudi's law" to cut the hands of the rapists on the day when he is been caught.!
If it is not done we would not get any #justice..this is the only way we can take a stand share about this idea to everyone one when we stand together the power is in our hands. The high commanders have to respect our words as an Indian.

Personal story
Everyone's rape story is my personal story..so we dont need to mention that what is and what not..!!

We just wanna convey this message
As a girl.
" every female child is born as princess and treated as goddess in this world but now till death every minute, every second with wounds and half eaten skin all over the body. With scars on heart and shattered dreams with tears caused by unknown torture and sucking blood..
Painful minutes and slow death.
Destroying in dark every fearfull night.".
" we would rather die in the darkened
Heaven made by mom's womb instead of stepping into this fucking world".!!

#justiceforkamini #justiceforrape #norape #bettibachao #wefeelunsafe #girlsright #youngsters #justicebylaws.!