Justice for jayaraj and fenix

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60-year-old Jayaraj and his son Fenix (30) were reportedly detained by the Thoothukudi police on Monday night following an altercation over keeping Fenix's mobile phone shop open beyond permissible hours during the lockdown. The duo was then taken to Sathankulam police station and was allegedly brutally assaulted by two police officer (both sub-inspectors). 

The father and the son were rushed to the hospital for the way they were beaten up. Their knees were smashed with sticks, they were stripped and steal sticks were shoved up their but holes. Their gentile area was damaged. 

Fenix died on Monday evening and Jayaraj died a day later succumbed to respiratory illness. 

A few cops have been suspended or transferred.

Is that really a solution?

India is turning into a police state, the police are being let of even when they have murdered innocent people for petty charges. The people are at the whims and fancies of the brutal police force which is bad precedent in a democracy and a civilised society. 

Our voices matter, take George floyd as an example when the common American people rose up to protest against the brutality and gross injustice against one of them. The powers to be had to listen!

Its time we indians too raise our voice against police brutality before its too late.