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Jutice for Craig Help him get his adaptation grant so he can have some dignity and respect

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For those of you that don't know about Craig's story here it is .

Craig is 24years old and has severe and profound learning difficulties an Autism. He is non verbal and requires 24HOUR CARE he needs help with feeding,dresing,showering, he is doubley incontinent and has behavioural issuies x

Going back to 2008 Craig was 15years young . I applied to the city council for an Adaptation Grant to have a ground floor extension put on consisting of a bed room and wet room to help make it easier for us as a family to care for Craig to impove his quailty of life give him some dignity.
In 2009 all the assessments were done and the OT recommended that he needs a bedroom, seperate wet room with bench area to make it easier for us to change Craigs nappiess as of to this day im still changing Craig on my kitchen floor ..She recommended it to be all ground floor access.
In 2009 the grant was approved and work was anticipation to be carried out in 2010.
2010 we were told that funding was not avaible.
2015 I got a call to say they have the funding to go ahead with the extention.
The same OT came out to access Craig and her recommendations changed dramatically no wet room, no bench area to change Craig and no ground floor extention Bear in mind his needs have gotten greater .She carried out this assessment without Craig been present .

The  city council claim the work is going to cost 100,000e and they say they can only get funding for 75,000 at a push :-( . I offered to fundraise to get the extra 25,000e and i was told im not allowed to do that as its the councils housing stock .then they told me 
 even if they did get the 100,000e the OT now wont sign off on it as the extention will not meet Craigs needs .
They have offered us a transfer to a different property but a change like that would be tramatic to Craig with his autism plus the house is on main road which isnt safe for Craig in case he were to wonder out .We currently live in a Cul De Sac and our neighbours all know about Craig and are absolutely fantastic to Craig.
We are very happy in our home and all I want to do is imorove Craigs quality of life at home give him some dignity and I want to be able to look after Craig at home for as long as i can so he dosent have to go into residential care x This would break my heart .���

Craig currently share his bedroom with his 10yrs old sister which is causing behavioural issues for Craig .
The council have said if we dont take the transfer they are looking to close Craigs file .Im sure there are more families in the same suitation as us ���

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