Introduce new laws to punish rapists

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Rape victims in India face significant barriers in their fight for justice, a fight not made easier by unempathetic systems that blame victims for their misfortune. Victims may encounter hostile conditions in police stations where they are often pressured to withdraw their case. In some cases the police may find its own authority undermined by people in positions of power. Threats of transfers impede officers from carrying out their duties in such cases.

Once a case is chargesheeted by the police and sent to trial, it can languish in the court system for decades. Rape cases face an incredible backlog in the courts, more new cases were sent for trial in 2016 (33,628) than the number of cases disposed by the courts in the same year (18,792). The arduous process only adds to the victim’s trauma who often buckles under pressure from her own family or that of the accused, and turns hostile. Getting past all these obstacles still does not guarantee justice for the victim — the national conviction rate for reported rape crime stands at only 25.5 percent. A big factor behind this low conviction rate is the poor collection and mishandling of evidence.

Everytime a rape case is out viral it is always child rape case or an adult brutally raped. What is happening to the other rape cases?? Why are we not raising our voice on those cases? Or why is it not reaching people??? Rape is rape no matter how, where and who.